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the Moscow City Council intends to struggle W pyrotechnics use in a city

the Moscow deputies suggest to limit use of pyrotechnics or at least to provide law in force observance " ABT silence ".

" It is necessary to forbid pyrotechnics use in a city. One business a summer residence, and another - court yard and balconies of houses. I would limit use of pyrotechnics by Bengal fires " - the deputy of Moscow City Council Stepan Orlov has told News on Wednesday.

As he said, there are many other possibilities to note New year and B`DAY W/ O threat 4 health and W/ O fires.

the Deputy Michael Moskvin - Tarhanov admitted that concerns pyrotechnics W horror.

" It is not known whence it is brought, it is not known whom it is produced and it is not known whom it is used: drunk, children. And all it is explosive and pozharoopasno. And besides it is extraordinary tiresome 4 those people who live in similar places. I here, for example, live in the CTR, and there in holidays atmosphere of Stalingradsky fight " is created; - he has noted.

the Deputy of the Moscow municipal duma Tatyana Patjaeva suggests to take measures to provide observance of the capital law " ABT silence ".

" Certainly, in holidays, in such as New year, Christmas and old New year, people will blow up petards and salutes. If it was the qualitative pyrotechnics, I would be for its use in holidays. It seems to me, is illogical to forbid to use these means, but all next days it would be desirable, that rules were observed " - Patjaeva has told.

Sergey Mitrokhin, in turn, has urged militiamen to struggle more actively W this problem.

" I negatively concern pyrotechnics explosions. But this problem of our militia. The militia should work, but it such things, as pyrotechnics as the alarm system at cars and the loud drunk companies, considers as trifles " - the deputy of Moscow City Council of News has declared.

the Moscow law " ABT silence " orders not to make noise from 22 o`clock till 6 o`clock.

In some European countries pyrotechnics use is strictly regulated. In Germany, for example, she is authorised for buying and selling only two days prior to a feast, to blow up only during strictly certain time and only under the arrangement W neighbours.

Inhabitants of the Russian capital almost unanimously complain of the young disturbers of night calmness who are blowing up petards and other pyrotechnics.

" We understand that fireworks it is beautiful, but only in that case when it 2 a place, but it is not spontaneous in any way. To us motivatings of the teenagers ready all day and night without a break to blow up a petard in tons, ESP 2NITE and " are not clear at night; - the inhabitant of one of dormitory areas in the east of Moscow has told in conversation with the correspondent of News.

" Our complaints in militia do not bring any results, they come, swear that we disturb on such trifle, and leave, - Muscovites SPK. - that is interesting, in the afternoon of noise from petards is not audible almost. Basically it begins after seven or eight evenings and lasts till the morning. To sleep in such conditions it is impossible ".