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the Constitutional court of South Korea against capital carrying over

the Constitutional court of South Korea named anticonstitutional the decision of the president of the country But Mu Hena on carrying over of capital from Seoul in one of district cities far away from border from Democratic People`s Republic of Korea. On it has informed on Thursday news agency Renhap.

According to the plan of the president, the capital should be transferred at least on 100 kilometres 2 the south from Seoul. That it would manage to be removed considerably from dividing the Korean peninsula military - a line of demarcation.

building of new capital was supposed to be begun in 2007.

cost of realisation of this invention would manage more than in $39 billion.

the idea of carrying over of capital of South Korea has been put forward in 2002 during election campaign by the present president But Mu Henom.

the City of Seoul capital became no time uniform Korea together with the basis of a dynasty of Choson over 600 years ago and its name means " capital ". Now it occupies about 10 million persons.