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Nine members of terrorist grouping " the Organization of Mojaheds of the Iranian people " Nine members of terrorist grouping the Organization of Mojaheds of the Iranian people (OMIN) have surrendered to the authorities of Iran

have surrendered to the Iranian authorities.

as has informed on Thursday the central TV channel " Seda va sima " " for the last some days devjaterym to members OMIN, a staff - which apartment is based on territory of Iraq, it was possible to disappear and imperceptibly to outpass. All of them have independently surrendered to a safety force of Iran ".

Since an attack of the American forces to Iraq tens members of this terrorist grouping could escape from an arrangement ominovskoj bases, return to Iran and now are with the families.

official Teheran not vozvrazhaet against homecoming not participating in terrorist activity in the Iranian territory ominovtsev as the majority of them have not been got mixed up in crimes.

The Organization of Mojaheds of the Iranian people is party oppositional to the Iranian management. Last years considerably adjusted members of grouping at cooperation with Saddam Hussein`s dictatorial mode conducted subversive activities against Islamic Republic. After war and occupation of Iraq OMIN has been neutralised and disarmed, however it remains till now politically active.

the Iraq authorities in the end of the last year declared the decision to turn out ominovtsev from Iraq, their activity is outlawed, and the special tribunal on investigation of the crimes made by these grouping is generated.

meanwhile, the American forces do not hurry up to destroy grouping OMIN based in Iraq, and opposite use the most informed and its active members in the espionage purposes. Under statements of the Iranian official representatives, ominovtsy give the information of the USA on the Iranian nuclear objects.