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Fradkov: efficiency of the power depends on management efficiency state property

From management efficiency state property efficiency of the government depends, the head of the government of the Russian Federation Michael Fradkov at government session on which courses of administrative reform and the list of state enterprises and state institutions which remain in the federal property are discussed has declared.

" the federal state unitary enterprises and state institutions is that element of an imperious vertical which directly is connected with management questions the state property " - the prime minister has told.

" efficiency of the government, development of market economy in many respects depends on system effectiveness of the state organisations and is state - private partnership ABT which we SPK often " - Fradkov has noted.

Prmer has declared necessity of advancement of administrative reform downwards - on level of subjects of Federation and local government.

" There is actual a problem of distribution of administrative reform on the following level of the government. Thus it is necessary to consider distribution of powers between the federal CTR, subjects of the Russian Federation and local governments " - Fradkov has told.

the prime minister has underlined that during administrative reform the big WRK as the governmental commission which heads vitse - prime minister Alexander Zhukov is done.