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the MTG of Ministers for Foreign Affairs SVMDA becomes an important stage in development of this dialogue forum

Opening on Friday in Alma - Ate a MTG of Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the states-participants of Meeting on interaction and trust measures in Asia (SVMDA) becomes an important stage in development of this dialogue forum. ABT it in interview " News " the official representative has declared the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Jakovenko.

" Ministers will exchange opinions on actual universal and regional questions and by results of discussion will accept the total document of a MTG - the political Declaration " - he has told.

" in it the general approaches of participants SVMDA 2 development of modern political conditions in the world with a stress on negative displays of new calls and threats and first of all the international terrorism " will be reflected; - the diplomat has added.

As he said, during session the project will be considered Corrected procedures SVMDA which urged to regulate activity of this dialogue forum, and also to define organizational - administrative structure SVMDA, functions and powers of directing bodies of Meeting.

the Russian delegation at a MTG of ministers head heads the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov.

participants of Meeting are 16 states: Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, China, Kirghizia, Mongolia, Palestin, Pakistan, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan. As observers the USA, Japan, Republic Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Ukraine participate in session.

it is the second MTG of heads of foreign policy departments SVMDA. During the first MTG which have taken place in September, 1999, the Declaration of the principles regulating the relations between member states SVMDA has been accepted.

According to the commission containing in the basic document of Meeting - " the Almaatinsky Certificate " accepted at the first summit SVMDA in 2002, 4 the statement at a ministerial MTG the project of the Catalogue of measures of trust in Asia is prepared.

this document, according to the Russian side, has great value. It provides a series of measures, directed on development of multilateral cooperation of member states on an extensive spectrum of key questions of stability and security, military - political trust, struggle against new threats, non-distribution of weapons of mass destruction, economic, humanitarian and a cultural contact.

the special place in the Catalogue of measures of trust is given cooperation of participants of Meeting in struggle against the international terrorism. Russia considers that Catalogue acceptance can give an impulse to finding SVMDA of the ambry in multilateral cooperation in the Asian region on the basis of mutual respect of interests and in strict conformity W the United Nations Charter, recognised norms and international law principles.