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Head Rosaviakosmosa has presented in Paris the Russian project of further building MKS

Head Rosaviakosmosa Yury Koptev on Monday has presented in Paris the Russian project of the further building of the International space station/ MKS/. ABT it " News " have informed in Rosaviakosmose.

ogo a stage of building of station, have specified in the Russian aerospace department.

now, the situation has become complicated that the USA have refused civil-engineering designs 4 this station 7 - the local spaceship - the rescuer and the module of the USA " HEB ". In connection with reduction of the program of the USA on station building the European space agency/ EKA/ " has frozen " B4 60 percents financing of WRK on the program, in particular, on building " the European module " MKS. Instead of initially planned abiding at station of 7 astronauts in such situation on MKS three can work only.

It does not suit Russia as under the initial project on MKS from 7 astronauts at station should work constantly 3 Russian space pilots. The developing situation 2 EKA does not arrange and space agency of Japan as to their astronauts at station at all does not remain places - in the nearest 2 - 3 years on MKS can fly only mixed crews of the USA and Russia consisting from 3 - h the person.

Yury Koptev has offered Russian vant solutions of a problem. According to it, Russia will double building of the three-local ships - rescuers " the Union - TM "/ 4 them on the Russian segment of station moorings/ are already constructed, and also will construct the Russian additional scientific module/ W participation of private concerns of the USA/. Such Russian program can provide simultaneous abiding at station of 6 astronauts and will create favorable conditions 4 space tourists who will wish to visit station.

This vant the further building MKS will demand less means and will solve a WRK problem at station of astronauts EKA, Japan, the USA and Russia.

discussion under the report of Kopteva will come to the end on Monday.