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Sergey Mironov highly appreciates a role of Russia in possible adjustment of dialogue between India and Pakistan

/. The Chairman of the council of Federation Sergey Mironov highly appreciates efforts of Russia on possible adjustment of dialogue between India and Pakistan. Mironov has declared it on Monday to journalists in connection with opened in Alma - Ate in Meeting on interaction and trust measures in Asia.

as he said, " nobody is W8 by QIK monasteries in this question ". " the Main thing for today - to promote the beginning of negotiations " - the speaker is convinced. Therefore, he considers, that fact that the president of Russia Vladimir Putin " has incurred very uneasy role of the organizer of dialogue between these states, SPK already about much ".

Thus Mironov has especially underlined necessity of carrying out of peace political negotiations between India and Pakistan.

" The main thing - not to admit the conflict and bloodshed, after all the further to leave on this way, the it will be more difficult to sit down further for a negotiating table " - the chairman of the upper chamber is convinced.

therefore, according to Mironov, NE efforts in a direction of peace negotiating process " it is possible to greet only ".