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the Ambassador of the USA in the Russian Federation has declared that Washington and Moscow have unique possibility to co-operate in business of introduction of achievements of biotechnology on agriculture blessing

USA and Russia have unique possibility to co-operate as partners equal in rights in business of introduction of achievements of biotechnology for the agriculture blessing. ABT it as the correspondent " passes; News " has declared on Tuesday on a press - conferences in Moscow the ambassador of the USA in the Russian Federation Alexander Vershbou.

the Press - conference has been devoted the beginning of scientific cooperation in the field of agricultural biotechnology and sciences ABT life between the United States and Russia. The Russian side on a press - to conference was represented by the first deputy of head Minpromnauki Michael Kirpichnikov.

According to the American ambassador, " technology and agriculture development allows to achieve increase in manufacture of foodstuff, without breaking balance in the nature. It 2 gives the chance to lower necessity of entering of a large quantity of fertilizers and pesticides ".

Having reminded ABT " critical importance of biotechnology 4 increase of efficiency of agriculture " the American ambassador has noticed that a number of the countries " practises a policy of rigid regulation and aspires to enter the moratorium on researches in this area ". Critics of biotechnology, according to Vershbou, confirm that it harms to health and ecology. " however it is not CFMed by the scientific facts " - he has noticed.

" Russia is at the crossroads - to use to it or not biotechnology 4 manufacture of agricultural production " - the ambassador has told. As he said, the USA consider that Russia should go on the way " an open estimation of this technology and methods of its regulation on a scientific basis ". It 2 has expressed hope that " The strategic partnership of Russia and the USA in this area will be really fruitful ".