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the Public of Croatia is discouraged by game the a national team in the World championship, and the trainer assures that the best games ahead

the Public of Croatia W the big disappointment has conceived defeat of a national team in a starting match from the command of Mexico/ 0:1/ in the World championship on football and the basic fault for failure and " cowardly tactics " assigns to its trainer Mirko Jozicha.

As the correspondent " passes; News " Croats were full of iridescent expectations both its many politicians and public figures safely predicted " confident victory " commands in a match against Mexicans. In particular, the president of Croatia Stepan Mesich " has been assured of triumph ".

Meanwhile, after uncertain game and natural defeat in a match, many fans have sharply changed the relation to recent favourites here again now often statements that " sound; They will not look any more any match W their participation on superiority of the world ".

as the Most rigid critic in Croatia the former trainer of modular Miroslav Blazhevich under the direction of whom Croatia in last championship in France has taken the third place now acts. " the command played as cowards. Tactics was too defensive, and the command in this situation cannot struggle for victory " - he has underlined.

in the meantime Jozich declares that " the lost fight, does not mean the lost war " also assures ABT more Gud game of the wards of the subsequent games of the championship. " yes, we have played below expected level. It is necessary to us two more MTGs with difficult rivals, but we will not surrender in advance " - the trainer of a national team of Croatia has told.