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Russia and Belarus have signed the participatory action plan on introduction of uniform monetary unit for 2001 - 2005

the Government of Russia and the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, on the one hand, and the government of Belarus and National bank of republic, W another, have signed the participatory action plan on introduction of uniform monetary unit for 2001 - 2005.

as the correspondent " passes; News " from the signature Russian side under the document Michael Kasyanov and the chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Sergey Ignatyev, and Belarus - prime minister Gennady Novitsky and the first deputy of Natsbank of Belarus Paul Kalaur have put the chairman of the government.

Michael Kasyanov on a press - conferences after signing of the joint document has underlined that before introduction in 2005 of uniform monetary unit of Union State variety of the actions, called to provide uniform 4 Russia and Belarus state regulation principles should be executed.

As the Russian prime minister has explained, it is a question of carrying out of the complex program on maintenance of uniform principles of carrying out budgetary and economic policy, and also uniform principles of tax system, the uniform price policy. Kasyanov has added that it is a question 2 of creation of uniform customs space and the general tariff policy.

the Russian prime minister has noticed that by the time of introduction of uniform currency there should not be a budgeted deficit and has expressed hope that it is not necessary to face this problem.

In turn Gennady Novitsky, summing up negotiations, has assured journalists that at both parties " there is a full clearness on all positions and it should lead to 2005 2 introduction of new currency ".

Kasyanov 2 has declared that " it would be desirable is more QIK to achieve the decision of all questions " however has underlined that the problems facing both countries, " not too simple ".