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“Instead of whether to purchase“ Citroen “?“ - We thought with the friend, seeing in the newspaper the announcement of sale of “Sitroena-VH14“ of 1988 with running of 160 thousand kilometres. Cheaply, only one and a half thousand dollars. By then we sold old BMW, and varennye and latannye “Zhiguli“ already was near death. Winter it not to live. And without the machine - and to us too.
Its host by phone reported: the car is completely cleared, but not on the move - in the motor the gasket of a head of the unit burnt through. All remaining works. A body unbeaten and not rusty.
“if there it is real only a thumbpiece“ it was straddled “, I will repair it, what with it happen, - my friend (it the excellent motorman) told, - drops a little - we take. After all in it“ the Frenchman “is on what to look“. Very much it would like to try the legendary hydropneumatic suspension. Me, I admit, these frightened “sitroenovskie“ navoroty (for certain, there something is defective), but low price and curiosity got the best of doubts.
the Visual examination acknowledged that a body really strong. We found only two seats of corrosion in size with a five-copeck coin everyone, and symmetric, both on rear fenders, over wheels. Was inside worse, than outside. In a drivers door self-made glass from plexiglass, knobs of window regulators and locks of doors from within almost all are broken. Raised the doubts and an issue year of the car. In the log 1988 appeared, but hardly the machine was born after 1986. Nevertheless at the price of us “Citroen“ quite arranged. Impacted on hands.
but here a trouble: to tow the machine, brakes are necessary, and they did not appear - very long there was lifeless motor “Citroen“. The matter is that from a distributing shaft the pump which zakachivaet in the suspension and brakes working fluid, and without it these systems do not work is cited.
in general, it became clear, today to pick up machine will not be possible. Agreed that we arrive in a week with a trailer. And in this time we try to determine under the identification number an issue year. And if it will not be acknowledged that the machine of 1988, the host assured that the price takes off.
in representation “Citroen“ in Moscow (5th Upper Mihalkovsky, 7) told that this VH 14 is manufactured, most likely, in 1984, and in a bureau of “Eurorates“ acknowledged - the car was born not later than 1984.
the Tenth position (a letter of the Latin alphabet) in the identification number (VIN) “Citroen“, “Peugeot“, BMW, “Mercedes“ at all does not mean an issue year of the car as it is accepted at many producers of machines. The special literature with factory tables and the data is necessary. It was not required to search for it - judgements of experts “Eurorate“ and “Citroen“ are authoritative enough. As did not begin to mind and the holder. Most likely, he and itself precisely did not know, what year “Frenchman“.
we returned It $1100 and approximately $150 in notarys office for registration of the purchase and sale contract, including the appraisal report. A winding gear dragged “Citroen“ on a special trailer and went home.
Decided the engine to disassemble. I will notice, “sitroenovsky“ the power unit is something! When we opened for the first time a cowling saw not the motor, and any octopus. Atop cross-section lying (!) The engine feelers were pulled goodness knows where: hoses, ropes, wires. The small four-speed transmission fastened to the motor from below (at them a general casing), and hooking sideways. Such we yet did not meet!
but marked for itself - this layout is rather convenient for preventing maintenance and small repair. Easy access to the generator, a water pump, an ignition timer, the carburettor, a starter. Here only candles to reach difficultly.
to lift the motor, it was necessary popotet. Dragged downwards through a small stretcher. To reach cylinder liners too it was uneasy. It was necessary to disassemble all engine, a gear box and hooking. For example, on “Moskvich“ it where is easier.
Here we were expected by the first surprise. From four buckets whole there was only one, another has been wrecked completely, and in remaining - rends on skirts. Tresnutoj there was also one cylinder liner. Buckets to us made in one of defensive scientific research institutes. And for replacement failed searched long. For the new bucket the firms specialising on delivery of spare parts to foreign cars, ask the big money - about $150, and old (second-hand) sell the complete set, that is four that too is expensive. But all of us found a way out. In our garage discovered the bucket from engine “Volkswagen-golf“ in volume of 1,3 l. Measured - its diameter coincided with “sitroenovskim“. After small turning intervention (rastochki bores under a piston pin and weight adjustments) “german“ was perfectly entered in the French aggregate. A cylinder liner purchased under the announcement - old, all for $10.
Assembled and set up the motor into place, started up - works like clock-work. And is faster to control levers the suspension. Rearranged in other position a small lever, and the body floated upwards. Fine! Found out, it can occupy four positions on altitude are rather expensive.
went. But why such rigid course? Where hvalenaja softness “sitroenovskoj“ suspensions? We sit as if on a stool, impression that is not present either dampers, or springs. It was found out: the last really are not present. Their role (elastic suspension components) is executed by green balls-hydroaccumulators. These are the metallic spheres which internal cavity is shared by a plastic membrane. On the one hand - fluid LHN of green colour (from here a national title “zelenka“), and with another - gas nitrogen. Spheres are screwed on on the coaming stays reminding amortizatornye in which on thin metallic tubes moves “zelenka“. In total such coaming stays (and accordingly, and spheres) four - on one on each wheel. The more fluids in them it is pumped in, the the body is above raised. The wheel course perceives nitrogen - the fluid presses on mebranu, that is on gas which contracts. The system of valves very effectively blanks out these oscillations.
but there is and more one, fifth “sphere“ - the main hydraulic accumulator disposed on the engine. It is necessary in certain cases for supply in system for very short time of working fluid, for example, at hard braking.
it is clear, in our “Citroen“ “spheres“ do not work: or nitrogen evaporated, or mixed up with a fluid if membranes are torn. In the first case they can be repaired, pumping in nitrogen. The special equipment is necessary. At us such is not present. And on “sitroenovskom“ service such operation is too expensive for us. Again were converted to newspapers. Most of all spare parts, unconditionally, offer “From hand to hand“. For new “spheres“ asked from $50 to 100, for “beushnye“ 25-50.
Chose from the second row. With the seller agreed: if the hydraulic accumulator is unusable - we return. From ten “spheres“ chose only five. And main lifted from divided “Citroen-hm 1992“ of an issue year which too found under the announcement.
at last, installed all “spheres“. Got under way - and again trouble: Before damps perfectly, and back still “oak“. We interchange the position hydraulic accumulators, but the same picture. It is necessary to tinker and with a rear suspension.
here without a management not to manage.“ Sitroenovsky “the literature appeared rather deficient. And only (Dolgorukovsky 36/1) it was possible to find a book in store“ At the wheel “about VH 16. We know that it differs from VH 14 only the engine, in remaining all the same. Though transfer disgusting and illustrations leave much to be desired, all of us understood that to what, and understood the defect reason.
the one who sold to us the machine, said that changed the rear bridge (in one shell of the lever the rend was formed) and found this unit under the announcement of all for $150 (together with two“spheres“). In it then installed old levers. But after repair practically nobody went by the machine. Possibly, at replacement something not so assembled. Indeed: ineptly put the rear bridge - outweighed taper bearings in which wheel levers are swung. Disassembled, flushed, lubricated, adjusted a gap as it is offered a management, and hurrah! - the suspension earned.
Besides, it was necessary to interchange still external SHRUS of a drive gear of front wheels. A pair of the new purchased for $250. Approach, by the way, from “Peugeot 405“ what on service for some reason hold back. Changed also glands in koro