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traffic police ANSWERS
ANSWERS QUESTIONS of READERS the DEPUTY CHIEF of HEADQUARTERS of traffic police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, the CHIEF of the RESEARCH CENTER of traffic police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Alexander YAKIMOV
My dog otgryzla half of passport of a vehicle (the number and the given machines are read). Whether It is necessary to change it now or it is possible to make it at refloating of the machine from accounting? And in general, what is necessary for replacement PTS?
the Requirement about obligatory replacement of the passport of a vehicle (PTS) because of its unsatisfactory condition by normative acts of the Russian Federation is not installed. According to check in Rules avtomototransportnyh means and trailers to them in traffic police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, confirmed by the command of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia from January, 27th, 2003 ¹ 59 (are registered in Ministry of Justice of Russia on March, 7th, 2003 Registration ¹ 4251), and also the Position about passports of the vehicles, the confirmed command of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, the State Customs Committee of Russia, Gosstandart of Russia from June, 30th, 1997 ¹ 399/388/195 (it is registered in Ministry of Justice of Russia on July, 10th, 1997, registration ¹ 1349), replacement PTS will be effected at refloating of the car from accounting or at fulfilment of other registration actions. Under your request it can be made and earlier. In all cases for replacement of the passport of a vehicle it is necessary to be converted in registration subdivision of the State traffic inspectorate in a residence with the corresponding statement, presenting for inspection the car.
on VAZ 2106 glasses of head lamps cracked. At passing of inspection it marked as fault and refused to give the coupon. Whether it is lawful?
In case the luminous intensity of head lamps and distribution of their light beam conform to the requirements installed by GOST R 51709-2001 «Trucking facilities. Requirements to technical condition and check methods », availability of rends on their glasses cannot form the basis for failure in coupon distribution about passing of the state technical inspection.
on a metre panel of my“Volkswagen-golf“the pilot lamp - the certificate of fault of an airbag burns. Whether I will receive the inspection coupon?
acting standard legal acts and state standards, on correspondence which are checked vehicles at the state technical inspection, do not contain requirements to security air-cushions. Therefore fault of this system cannot form the basis for failure in distribution of the corresponding coupon.
me fined that went with live clearance lights in the afternoon. Whether employees of traffic police are right?
According to point 19.1 of Traffic regulations on all mechanical transport vehicles and mopeds should be actuated near or a high beam of head lamps at motion in the conditions of insufficient visibility, and also in tunnels (irrespective of time of days). If you upset the indicated requirement of Rules, actuating only clearance lights, punishment is appointed legally. In other cases driving with a light only is welcomed in the afternoon.
in our city began fashionable to do any label on number board with the image of the Russian flag. Whether can fine me for it?
any additions to the state registration mark translate it in category nonstandard, that is not corresponding GOST R 50577-93 «Marks state registration vehicles. Types and basic dimensions. Technical requirements». Thus according to a part of 1 article 12.2 of KoAP of the Russian Federation control of a vehicle with nonstandard state registration marks attracts the warning or imposing of the administrative penalty at a rate of one second the minimum wage.
from regular units and aggregates is self-supporting assembled VAZ 2109. There are inquiries-accounts on a body and the engine, the technical commission conclusion about correspondence of a vehicle to conditions and requirements of manufacturing plant and serviceability on public roads. How to me to register the machine?
according to Federal act article 15 «About security of traffic» the vehicles made in the Russian Federation, are subject to an obligatory type certification. Check in of a vehicle without the document certificating its correspondence to installed safety requirements of traffic, is prohibited. For obtaining of corresponding documents I advise to be converted in FGUP GNTS “US“ (125438, Moscow, street Automotor, 2).
Has been fined that by the truck UAZ-3303 with the permitted maximum weight 2650 kgs moved on the left number of centilane road. But after all traffic regulations prohibit to leave on this band to only “big“ auto trucks. Whether not so?
According to point 9.4 of Traffic regulations (in edition of the governmental order of the Russian Federation from September, 25th, 2003 ¹ 595) on any roads having for motion in the given direction three bands and more, with the permitted maximum weight more than 2,5 t to take an extreme left band it is authorised to cargo vehicles only for turning movement on the left or a sharp turn. If departure on an extreme left band has not been linked to necessity to execute the indicated manoeuvres, punished you fairly.
When I passed in traffic police examinations for “rights“, to me did not include answers on traffic regulations though I committed only two errors, and in two others made corrections. Whether actions of the surveyor were lawful?
according to the Technique of carrying out of promotion examinations on obtaining of the right to control of the vehicles, confirmed GU traffic police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on August, 9th, 2001, theoretical examination is considered not handed if the candidate for drivers within 20 minutes answered correctly less than 18 questions of the examination card. Thus the answers having erasures or corrections, are considered as the wrong.
on VAZ 2108 1987 issue years in 2002 interchanged the engine, and in 2003 - a body. I prepare to go to traffic police and to arrange replacement of aggregates. What issue year will be written down in the registration certificate?
According to the Rules of check in mentioned above avtomototransportnyh means and trailers to them in traffic police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia in case of replacement of a car body the vehicle issue year does not change. Engine change also does not influence at all this data. Therefore an issue year of your car remains former - 1987.
I the invalid of II group, from this year go by proxy by the machine of the son. Whether I can receive privileges for payment of the transport tax?
according to article 357 of the Tax code of the Russian Federation taxpayers of the transport tax persons on whom according to the legislation of the Russian Federation vehicles are registered admit. As the car belongs to the son, on privileges on payment of the tax you cannot calculate.