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The partner in business and rest

The security guard of a palace of Shantili appeared the great diplomat:« Generally here it is impossible to call in, but after all I could and not notice at once your machine. Anyway, minutes … »the lock-palace Soaring over water for certain saw five for five centuries much. Here to wander slowly, listening attentively to time rustles, and we use it as a background - pragmatic children of a fussing century.
Five not five, but minutes through ten we leave inversely - the smiling security guard waves a hand and, indicating the machine, raises a thumb. The car at us really curious is new“Peugeot-partner“, and not simply utilitarian razvoznoj“heel“, and the nice passenger version of“Tipi“(Teree), moreover in the most advantageous execution Outdoor: with tonirovannymi the glasses, any plates-relingami, light-alloy wheels and other beauty. However, it is literally to translate outdoor does not follow, all“vnedorozhnost“limits additional 10 mms of a road gleam and protection of a motor bulk hold.
And here tepee it is possible to translate and it is necessary: so call an American Indian wigwam with which “Partner“ can argue on volume and arrangement - a hint on the movable house more than it is transparent. However, I will not undertake to assert that, choosing the machine, would prefer model of such class to a minivan or the usual versatile person - a neck at me the most usual length, the cylinder I do not wear, furniture and coolers I transport infrequently. Perhaps, I simply justify inertness of the thinking - probably, more advanced buyers the body in altitude does not confuse metre eighty and some “sundukovatost“ exterior. Anyway, if who differs ability to wreck stereotypes it is Frenchmen who position “Partner Tipi“ as MPV (Multi Purpose Van - multi-purpose ven) in which it is possible to depart all family on rest.
to the hard worker are alien to the Present shine and a tinsel. Freight van on which the big share of extension (by the way is necessary, from it and grew all these foppish versions), looks modestly and unpretentiously. In comparison with previous “Partner“ the new model, by itself, grew in sizes a little. Additional 130 mms of breadth allowed: to set three person in a drivers cab; to place in a cargo hold two cross-section disposed evropalety. Long live nobody the canceled principle of transition of quantity in quality!
however, dialectics - the weapon two-edged, is in new “Partner“ and other examples. Well, for example, a quantum leap - occurrence of resettings of a control surface on a corner and a control pillar length, transference of the short lever of a gear box on the central console, the differently-shaped additional equipment, a quantitative consequence - more kilometres pass in comfort and as a result earn more. So working coveralls to “Partner“ quite to the person.
in VOLUME are unified
the Curious fact: all six miscellaneous power units for new “Partner“ have a working volume of 1,6 l. Ask, what for and why? Very simply, if earlier power basically depended on volume now it easier to correct change of an insertion of “brains“ and - in the presence of the compressor - manifold pressures. Any trouble with miscellaneous dimension tsilindroporshnevoj groups! Actually same atmospheric petrol motor gives 90 or 110 h.p. Or, for example, four turbodiesels HDi, power 75, 90 (two versions: with the turbine of changeable geometry and usual) and 110 h.p. By the way, both 110-strong motors are intended only for dynamical passenger modification.
Swept on the weakest petrol and most high-power diesel. The first it is moderate-is sufficient, but even with a half ballast in 300 kgs demands a hard work a gear box - the blessing a drive gear accurate, with good selectivity. The diesel very vigorous on revolutions above two thousand also exports from any transfer, but below considerably turns sour.
considering a wide area of dwelling of the “Partners“, all motors are adapted for start-up at temperatures to - 35°Ń, and diesels, except usual in Europe executions of Euro IV, have also version of Euro III. According to commercial mission of the machine intervals of its servicing are increased: two years or 30 thousand in km for petrol and 20 thousand in km for the diesel. And belts of a drive gear of a gas distribution go now not less former chains - 160 and 240 thousand in km accordingly.
When this material prepared, the Russian prices were not known yet. And here French - all right: the most accessible van with the petrol motor of 90 h.p. costs 12 900 euros. However the diesel is much more interesting to Europeans - the weakest (75 h.p.) Manages in 14 000 euros, only for 600 euros is more expensive than old “Partner Oridzhn“ with the same motor. Passenger “Tipi“ with the same aggregates - 15 450 and 16 600 euros. Considering a ratio of the French and Russian prices on other models, fight for our sympathies and purses promises to be hot.

in comparison with the predecessor new “Partner“ (622-850 kgs, 3300-4100 added 240 mms in a length and 130 mms in breadth. Thus, in a rule of small commercial “Peugeots“ it filled a gap between remaining in production “Partner Oridzhn“ (Origin) the previous generation (600 kgs, 3100) and larger “Expert“ (1000-1200 kgs, 4000-7000).

For the first time in a class of easy vans on freight “Peugeot-partner“ the three-seat drivers cabin is offered. The system “multifleks“ (Multi-Flex) is the wide right seat divided into two unequal parts. At addition right the maximum length of freight is increased at 1200 mms, and bulk hold volume on 400 l. The gear box lever is disposed on a flange of the central console and not confused in legs of the mean passenger. However if it is fair, in the middle it is better to land the Liliputian: three srednegabaritnyh muzhiks sustain here minutes ten-fifteen - very tightly.

the distance between rear wheel arches was increased to 1229 mms that allows to load standard evropaletu (800ő1200 mm) across a body. Thus, a length of 1800 mms are included in a compartment now two palety. The raspashnye doors of unequal breadth opened on 90 and 180 °, usual for the freight version. And here cut-outs round lanterns should be marked: thanks to it clearance lights are visible practically at any position of doors.

the sliding door opens an opening in altitude almost to a roof of this tall car - it is possible to enter hardly bent down! In the second number of split (60/40) sofa or three folding chairs (option) with adjustable backrests, before them - a pair of hinging little tables. Behind under a ceiling the convenient mezzanine, and a total capacitance of miscellaneous cells constitutes 64,5 l (80 l with a roof “zenith“).

New “Partner“ will manufacture in two versions of a length: 4380 and 4628 mms at identical base of 2728 mms. Standard version L1 has a cargo hold a length of 1800 mms and volume 3300 l. Version L2 differs increased at a metre quarter a rear overhang thanks to what the bulk hold length grew to 2050 mms, and volume to 3700 l (with system “multifleks“, accordingly, 3000 mm/3700 of l and 3250 mm/4100. In a roof the hatch for transportation dlinnomerov is done, Frenchmen call it “zhirafon“ - value figurativeness of thinking!

mast head passenger modification - “off-road“ “Peugeot-partner Tipi Autdor“. Its features - relingi on a roof, black nekrashenye a bumper with a silvery framework-overlay in front, the road gleam increased at 10 mm, protection of a motor bulk hold, the tyre 215/55R16 on light-alloy disks and... A standard drive gear on front wheels. Raised freight version Site Pack («a building package») is robust without foppery - the same additional 10 mms of a gleam and a wheel 195/70R15.

On registration of an interior and the equipment rich versions do not yield to the passenger automobile: an on-board computer, cruise-control, the overspeed limiter, sensors of a light, a rain and pressure in tyres, an audiosystem with CD-player on 5 disks, the built-in complete set «hends fri», the 7-inch colour screen, two-zoned climate control, to six airbags, help system at troganii uphill hill asistent, parktronik. In the end of the year there will be navigator GPS and even the automated control system integrated to it of fleet of “Partners“ Active Fleet Data.

“Partner Tipi“ Luggage compartment is distinguished by the correct