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KIA included one more brick in an empty niche of the automobile market. After a sedan of “Tserato“ there was a coupe which have opened a wide door before Maxim Sachkovym. A photo of the author.

The serene was gave day. The sun tender, birdies sing - mood fine, even it would be desirable to work. Here it is important, that also the company for dialogue appeared approaching. I think, orange KIA approaches.

appearance of a coupe calls sympathy: the body all right is cut out, to it there is a sated carrot colour, and doors without frameworks and bright 17-inch wheels make impression that before you the car more expensive, than actually. But it you do not perceive as something terrible and important - the pretty machine with which, it is assured, simply enough to find common language.

an interior - not top of design art, but it is exact not the faceless. Fondly to hope to see in interior concerning an inexpensive coupe a skin of exclusive manufacture or high-quality plastic, but materials selected not by a residual principle. And the polished inserts on the central console, and tender linings of seats convince: to car development approached with love. Such coupes are bought by those who is young soul and a body.

here and strong embraces of a sports seat tone on a valiant harmony. Only it is accurate, suggests basok the motor, - you on public roads, instead of on the closed line. Deep wells of devices echo it red illumination... And it that?! Such show I yet did not see, at least on the serial cars: obodki dinamikov music wink besides red in beat. Directly a disco on wheels! Does not please eyes? It is not obligatory to abandon “dancing“. As the skilled DJ, give a hand to the board on the panel of devices - and tsvetomuzyka ceases.

and me with such tracking it is pleasant to go, and to the two-litre engine, I feel, too - it pulls to gambol. From one and a half hundreds “horses“, of course, silly to demand mad dynamics, but the reserve of power suffices, that the driver felt pleasure of fast driving. However, with a mechanic box would be more cheerful - the 4-step automatic control unit a little strenozhit than horses. But its help you start to appreciate, getting to a dense city flow. Only it is necessary to get used to sharp attacks: smoothly to get under way, it is necessary to measure a course of a pedal of gas carefully.

under character of the power unit the suspension is arranged. In some turning movements it would be desirable, that it pressed the machine to asphalt more densely, and a steering reacted more sensitively. But mind you understand: that the car was operated adequately, there is enough and it is suspension toughening inevitably affects comfort. And it you value - all the same this serial coupe, instead of the racing car.

KIA Cerato Koup reminds carrots on-korejski not only an origin and colour, but also an essence - not very sharp, but pleasant on taste.

you, probably, guessed that such Koup: joint derivative of two words - company KIA and body type Cîupe titles. In my opinion, successful confluence. I both about a name, and about the car. Yet I do not know, whether the price is pleasant - yet did not report. I hope, it does not spoil mood.