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Land Rover Jaguar Russia enters “the help Program on roads“

The service period of validity at purchasing of the new machine constitutes 3 years. Holders of the cars purchased till January, 1st, 2009, can gain annual cover at own will in any dealer centre of Jaguar of Land Rover.
in cover territory enter not only all cities of Russia in which there are official dealers of Jaguar of Land Rover, but also Ukraine, and also all countries of the European union. It does the given innovation even more convenient both on business trips, and for productive leisure abroad.
as an occasion to the circulation to “Program“ any situation on the road, obstructing can serve the further traffic of the car. In case of origin of small fault, employees of the company can remove it on a place. If there will be a serious breakdown, the car is immediately evacuated. Process of evacuation of the machine is effected by two methods: To any dealer for choice the client if breakdown happens in a zone of its residing, or to the nearest dealer centre if breakdown happens out of a residing zone. To those clients who are far from the house, hotel accommodation, tickets for travel continuation, or returning home and car transportation on a supervised parking is granted. In case of breakdown origin abroad if the local dealer cannot repair the machine, it supply in dealer centre in a servicing place.
the program is distinguished by operative reaction to any circulation of clients that allows to save reliance of cars of Jaguar and Land Rover on any trip, in any situation.
for the company of Jaguar of Land Rover Russia this service is a new step in development of client service.