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Returning of “shark“

The seven concept provides, as before, that the holder himself will sometimes get into the car. Means, here again he needs to create the maximum comfort. As finishing materials it is not necessary to doubt, and with selection of colour gamma of problems will not be - offer already 12 versions of furnish of an interior. Worked and over controls much. For example, at the heart of an instrument panel now the colour display on the basis of technology Black Panel - scales and marksmen appear only at ignition switch - on.
at first sight in an interior not too it is a lot of changes, but it not so. Many censures called the gear box selector on a steering tube - instead of it the classical joystick on a habitual place between front seats. Did not manage and without update of firm system i-Drive: It not only once again simplified, trying to make “intuitively clear“, but also allotted with new functions - now it helps to go out in the Internet and prolistat favourite sites directly the car.
who main in the representative car? When you sit on a rear sofa, this question becomes rhetorical. The seats fitted by the softest skin are equipped by weight of electroresettings and ventilation. The relaxation in a long journey ensures massage - twelve air bubbles in a cushion and six in seat-back help to knead the become numb muscles. And to be salvaged from boredom the television screens integrated into front backs help.
economical buyers can book the car with a 6-cylinder 3-litre 245-strong diesel answering to ecological norms of Euro V. Distinctive features - an aluminium head of the unit, the turbine with variable geometry and system of direct injection Common Rail of the third generation, working under the pressure of 1800 bar. Thanks to the current technologies the motor not only works more silently, fuel consumption decreased: in the commixed cycle the consumption does not exceed 7,2 litres on one hundred, and blowout ÑÎ2 does not exceed 192/km