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Renault Logan - “Russian“ from local foreign cars

The share of Russian Renaults Logan completing in cars which are manufactured at the Moscow factory “???«????«?“, exceeds 40 %. It is the high level of localisation of foreign cars in Russia for today, marks analytical agency “???«????“.
Now at assembly of these sedans the Russian bumpers, the panel of devices, seats, light engineering, rear-view mirrors are used, the exhaust system, accumulators, wheels, tyres, kuzovnyh details, etc.
Base of the Russian suppliers of “Avtoframosa“ includes a number more than 25 enterprises. They are the Russian producers of accessories and joint ventures, such as “Foresija-Tehnoplast-Automotiv“, and also the European companies having factories or branches in Russia (Asahi Glass Company, Bosal, K &K, Automotive Lighting, Inergy Automotive Systems).
Meanwhile, making comments on last measures of the government on support of domestic car industry, the deputy of Legislative Assembly of the Kaluga region and the chairman of the board of the Kaluga Commercial and industrial chamber Andrey Perchjan in news agency Regnum interview told:
“it seems To me that it is necessary to do a variance between the enterprises effecting cars in Russia, for a property accessory. If the enterprise is Russian not only on a check-in location, but also on ownership I would call such enterprise Russian more likely.
All the same when we speak about one of hundreds modular recreational areas of world concerns it is a bit different situation, and to support the French concern the French government, German - German should first of all, and we to Russians should think of the“, - Andrey Perchjan stated.
Other deputy, committee-man GD the Russian Federation on transport Alexander Burkov, in interview to a weekly journal «» stressed Arguments and the facts:
«We know that at us the mechanical engineering lags behind on an order Europe, Japan and America. To us it will be difficult, and disposable measures in the form of raise of tolls on import of second-hand foreign cars do not decide a problem.
raise of tolls on old foreign cars, in my opinion, only in interests of the large international autocompanies which sell today to us expensive new machines. It at all in interests so much the Russian car industry, how much in interests of western car industry which has representations and the trading recreational areas in territory of the Russian Federation. Thus the authorities stimulate the population to buy new cars. But it does not mean that people will take« Frets », instead of« Toyotas », for example».