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The share of the market of the brand of Volkswagen Commercial cars in Russia following the results of 2009 grew and constituted 5,2 %

The share of the market of the brand of Volkswagen Commercial cars in Russia in 2009 despite crisis grew and following the results of 12 months of the last year constituted 5.2 %. In the conditions of almost 50 % of fall of the market of easy commercial cars Mark of Volkswagen such important economic parametre as a market share was possible to increase Commercial cars.
for 12 months 2009 in the Russian market through official dealers 5650 commercial cars of the brand of Volkswagen have been implemented.
on the first place following the results of 2009 traditionally there was group T5 Volkswagen - all in Russia 3283 cars have been sold. Volkswagen Transporter has been marked prestigious obshcherosskoj by an award «the Car of year 2009». The second place takes Volkswagen Caddy with result of sales of 1482 cars. The third place on sales was taken by a capacious van of Volkswagen Crafter - its sales in 2009 constituted 885 cars.
Also, it is necessary to mark that among producers of a commercial carrier Volkswagen brand Commercial cars takes of an in the lead position on appeal of a brand - 74,1 % of the interrogated holders of easy commercial cars marked this fact. Besides it, in the conditions of crisis Mark Folksvagen commercial cars it was possible to achieve the further growth of an index of satisfaction and adherence of clients in the field of sales and in even bolshej degree in the field of an aftersales service.
«the success of the Brand depends not on that, she sold more or less than the competitors. Mark can consider successful only in the event that management executed agreed with shareholders KPIs, i.e. key parametres of efficiency of business. I think, any manager or the businessman agrees with my point of view. From Mark Folksvagens this pragmatic point of view commercial cars in Russia and in 2009 became one of the most successful and we quite obosnovanno are proud of the reached parametres », - the Head of the brand of Volkswagen Commercial cars Michael Semenikhin commented on results of 2009.