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«Present to children the heat» - the charitable share “Atlant TH

The share purpose to present the heat and care, and as the help to children from childrens home. All employees of holding participate in the share, and as all interested persons.
for all of us now a hard time. To save vivacity of spirit and with confidence to look in tomorrow very uneasy. And during such moments it becomes even more important to remember about each other, to support a hard minute, to be ready to come to the rescue.
Ruslan Tarusin, the Chief executive of holding “Atlant TH“ in Russia:« Holding “Atlant TH“ position always was is social-active. We decided to help the most small and during the most important time, at this age the person is formed. Probably, contribution we create heat and light atmosphere, and on one happy child becomes more ».
Holding“ Atlant TH “the charitable program suggests to help children from childrens home ¹29, children live in it from 4 till 11 years which parents for whatever reasons refused.
the Childrens home needs many things: a stationery, advancing games,
household chemical goods, means of personal hygiene and so forth And as in money funds.
on all assembled money funds the goods necessary for children will be bought.
15.04.2009 employees of holding “Atlant TH“ will organise solemn measure in Childrens home in which frameworks besides delivery of gifts to children, tea drinking will be organised and competitions and games for children are held.
it is important!!! Children need not only material support, our attention is much more important for them! Therefore your personal participation is especially welcomed. About your desire to share in a meeting with children, and also on all updating questions it is possible to be converted to employees of separation of human resource management to Timohinoj Maria and Rybakovoj Arina +7(495) 680-1679, 680-07-64.