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Volga Siber on spetstsene

The share under the New Years price proposal on Volga Siber urged to acquaint in large quantities consumers with a new product of the company, and also to conduct marketing probes of preferences of the Russian motorists, is reported in the company press release.
now the new passenger automobile «Groups GAZ» is on sale in two pickings: comfort and lux.
Volga Siber it is equipped 4-cylinder rjadnym by Chrysler engine (the Euro-4 standard) a working volume of 2,4 l power of 143 h.p., an automatic transmission.
the car has the zinced body, the spacious interior, different convenience and comfort: ergonomic seats with broad range of resettings, the air-conditioner, electrical window regulators, an adjustable steering tube, a modern audiosystem with 6 control pillars and the booster, the central lock, a capacious luggage compartment with the electric drive.
it is offered to consumers Volga Siber in 4 colours: Alaska Silver (light grey, silvery) and Hollywood Black (black), Chicago Blue (dark blue), Las Vegas Gold (golden).
the Car is completely adapted for winter operation and the Russian roads.
since December, 1st Volga Siber in picking comfort it is offered to buyers at the special New Years price - 487 400 roubles. The car is equipped by two airbags, ABS, protivobuksovochnoj system «Traction control», the steering booster, galogenovymi head lamps with a delay of cutoff and level resetting, rear fog lights, exterior mirrors with the electric drive and a preheating, an independent suspension of wheels - all that warrants to the consumer reliability, quality and security of the car.
Volga Siber in picking lux about New year 557 300 roubles will cost. The mast head version differs the increased comfort of interior: Leather lining of seats, leather furnish of a steering wheel and handle of the switch of transfers, electropreheating of front seats and resetting of a drivers seat in 10 positions, a washer of head lamps, front fog lights, light-alloy disks of wheels.
cars Volga Siber can be gained in 85 firm dealer centres corresponding to international standards of service-marketing servicing and disposed in all territory of Russia. The wide dealer network warrants servicing of the holder without loss of time and works at uniform prices and on warranty uniform conditions.
«group GAZ» grants the warranty for cars Volga Siber - 3 years or 100 000 km of running; the warranty from door-to-door corrosion - 6 years without running limitation; and also the best cost THAT in the class.