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Dakar-2009: the Desert swallowed Sajnsa

The short high speed site - does not mean the easy. And though organizers cut down it again on 30 km, it became much easier to participants of a marathon not. In addition the forecast of forecasters was acknowledged - in neighbourhoods of La Riohi again passed storm rains. As consequence, many participants after finish stated that it was the heaviest stage of race - more hard, than the fifth. Almost all sat in sands, were long dug out, fornicated in canyons and among sandy mountains. Even navigation officers of venerable leaders of offset Car recognised after finish that sometimes went out the machine to climb on a hill and to be inspected.
departure of the leader - Carlos Sajnsa became one of the main outputs of day. The Spaniard did not keep the machine on slippery sandy cover and sideways fell from breakage in a channel of the dried up river from altitude of seven metres. Navigation officer Michel Perena with hand fracture evacuated by the helicopter. Later passed hearing that because of problems with elektrikoj tightly there was also other Spaniard, Juan Roma - last escaped crew of a factory command of Mitsubishi. The hearing was not acknowledged: Rum all the same finished with the fortieth result and backlog at seven oclock.
the initiative Zhinel de at once seized Vilers. Say that while Sajns was in the lead, the command simply would not allow to the South African to play on a victory. Therefore it especially also was not torn, kept the third position and waited for chance. And here the chance fell out: ZHinel jerked forward and at once won back all backlog from Mark Miller. And Robbie Gordon who, appear, only could dream of a podium, appeared magic image on the third place. And the crew, going the fourth, to it it is obvious not the contender.
the next brilliant stage was conducted by Leonid Novitsky - the fifth time. Thus it had time to be stopped near fallen Sajnsa and to render the feasible help. Remaining Russians received a complete portion of adventures. At some instant there was a fear that the finish was reached only by two - Novitsky and Victor Volikov. But later the remaining were bowsed in also.
in offset of auto trucks the position of leaders was steadied. It seems that Gerard de the Plenty reconciled what to benefit to it it will not be possible, and yielded to leaders of a command “Kamaz-master“ even 25 minutes. To consider that done, certainly, it is impossible is demonstrated Carlos Sajnsas example. The following stage again truncated, from 545 km of a high speed site remains only 220. And all again criticise organizers. But, probably, for them it is the only thing to do - differently Buenos Aires reach schitannye combat material units. The Argentina “Dakar“ appeared much more “lethal“, than African.
Vladimir Chagin: «Only 220 kilometres, and sensation such as if passed 700. Dunes very heavy, very difficult navigation, but thanks Sergey Savostinu, it completed today on five balls. In the end were slightly lost, but there all left in other party. Today mate day, but also pilotsky, certainly. Drift sand, impassable. Few times relieved the pressure in tyres to pass. It is a lot of vsedorozhnikov still remained there, in sands. It would be desirable, that all returned. Remains very little, two days to finish ».
Firdaus Kabirov: « Like a rather short site, but it is so much all for this day a miscellaneous. Sands the most difficult, antenna pointing the most difficult. And journey on a river channel when you concern bluffs on the right and at the left, impressed! For two kilometres to finish improbably steep slope. Such usual do not use. It seems, to overcome it it is unreal. After Chagina a ground absolutely friable, from the first I did not drive, sat on a transfer box. It was then accelerated and took off on it, and behind it there below a hole literally. If hardly would go faster, it was possible to be thrust in a rock ».
Michel Peren: «On the first section supposed a small nautical fault: went on a fork in a wrong direction, but soon found a right way. We were overrun by Zhinel who started in ten minutes behind us. Further there was the latent checkpoint designated as« it is dangerous ». It was the error - there should write« very dangerously ». By the way, the machine which went behind us - Juan Roma, would get to the same gorge if there there were no any more we. Something is broken in a hand, but as a whole I am perfectly in order».
Results of the twelfth stage:
Offset Car

1. ZHinel de Vilers (the republic of South Africa, Volkswagen Touareg) - 4:06.43
2. Mark Miller (the USA, Volkswagen Touareg) - 16.17
3. Robbie Gordon (the USA, Hummer H3) - 25.27
4. Diter Depping (Germany, Volkswagen Touareg) - 42.02
5. Leonid Novitsky (Russia, BMW X3) - 55.25
6. Ivar-Erik Tollefsen (Norway, Nissan Navara) - 1:15.16
Offset Truck
1. Vladimir Chagin (Russia, KamAZ 4326) - 4:39.49
2. Firdaus Kabirov (Russia, KamAZ 4326) - 1.47
3. Gerard de the Plenty (Holland, GINAF X2223) - 24.40
4. Vulfert van Ginkel (Holland, GINAF X2222) - 1:10.40
5. Andre de Azevedo (Brazil, Tatra 815) - 1:31.09
6. Frants Ekter (Germany, MAN TSG 18.480) - 1:40.46
the Position after twelve stages:
Offset Car

1. ZHinel de Vilers (the republic of South Africa, Volkswagen Touareg) - 43:46.58
2. Mark Miller (the USA, Volkswagen Touareg) - 2.35
3. Robbie Gordon (the USA, Hummer H3) - 1:18.52
4. Ivar-Erik Tollefsen (Norway, Nissan Navara) - 5:48.21
5. Kshishtof Holovchik (Poland, Nissan Navara) - 6:44.42
6. Juan Roma (Spain, Mitsubishi Racing Lancer) - 7:41.36
7. Diter Depping (Germany, Volkswagen Touareg) - 8:33.23
8. Miroslav Braided (Czechia, Mitsubishi L200) - 10:49.36
9. Leonid Novitsky (Russia, BMW X3) - 13:19.06
10. Ren Kujpers (Holland, BMW X3) - 14:32.16 …
32. Ilya Kuznetsov (Russia, Mitsubishi L200) - 35:24.01 …
40. Yaroslav Solovev (Russia, Buggy SMG V8) - 44:57.02 …
49. Victor Volikov (Russia, Toyota Land Cruiser 120) - 54:27.08 …
50. Alexander Baranenko (Russia, Toyota Land Cruiser Prado) - 54:49.17 …
80. Alexey Berkut (Russia, Mitsubishi Pajero Evo) - 266:26.45
Offset Truck
1. Vladimir Chagin (Russia, KamAZ 4326) - 44:41.26
2. Firdaus Kabirov (Russia, KamAZ 4326) - 1.33
3. Gerard de the Plenty (Holland, GINAF X2223) - 56.58
4. Ilgizar Mardeev (Russia, KamAZ 4326) - 6:23.33
5. Frants Ekter (Germany, MAN TSG 18.480) - 7:17.11
6. Andre de Azevedo (Brazil, Tatra 815) - 8:18.38
7. Ales Loprajs (Czechia, Tatra 815) - 13:20.28
8. Vulfert van Ginkel (Holland, GINAF X2222) - 14:44.50
9. Pep Twisted Fate (Spain, Mercedes-Benz 1844-AK) - 15:33.48
10. Hordi Huanteni (Spain, MAN TSG 26.480) - 19:19.17
Dakar eyes of Kuzmicha
is special for ZR about race is told by its participant Alexey Kuzmich - the navigation officer of crew ¹474.
Kuzmich Alexey, the master of sports of the international class, the repeated prize-winner of stages of the Championship and the Cup of Russia, a World Cup on rally and rallies-spot-checks. The owner of the Cup of Russia on rallies-spot-checks of 2006. Dakar 2007 »finished in rally-spot-check«.
In a marathon «Dakar 2009» - the navigation officer of crew ¹474. Pilot Victor Volikov, Toyota Land Cruiser KDJ 120 car, class Production (T2), Toyota Competition Russia command.
Result after the twelfth stage - 49 place in offset of cars.

on January, 15th
the Hardest day! It began with a high speed site on plain, and plain not usual, and with sand, bushes and ravines. After the second monitoring point left in dunes. We were ready to sandy dunes, but alternately with rocks they seemed insuperable! Sand as if “liquid“ to be picked up on it it is the extremely difficult. Dug much. To run on such sand too it is problematic, you fail to the anklebone midpoint. Legs grew dumb with an ankle to a hip.
motorcycle racers and kvadrotsiklisty strike the endurance.
Some times helped the woman who with the broken hand goes on kvadrotsikle!
Many problems supplied a shower and the wind hurricane which has followed it. Was much zasadnyh places for the pilot and improbable antenna pointing. Here rested against a canyon with abrupt, almost steep downslope, and we can not get out in any way. But own will and the meandering motorcyclist made the business. At the motorcyclist navigator GPS was broke, and it thread any more the first circle on a valley. Decided to move ahead together: it showed us departure from a canyon, and we injected it on a checkpoint. In