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The Internet club is grounded in 2003, it integrates holders of cars “Opels-asters“. On a site more than 460 000 messages on 16 000 themes. The club even has own hymn.

The site is devoted “asters“ of all generations (model F, G, H and J), but some councils will be useful to holders “zafir“ models And and In (at these machines many units and the same aggregates), and also “Chevrolet-Viva“, different from «Aster G» only shildikom.
At replacement of drive gear GRM by the 16-VALVING motor happens difficult to wrench a tension roller bolt. It at times prikipaet so that at a head of “Torks-40“ pinches teeths, and “a gas“ key too will not help - not to grasp a low semi-circular hat of a bolt. Visitors of a forum advise henceforth not to suffer, put bolt Ì8 a length of 50 mms with a hexagon head, on a turn-key basis «on 13». By the way, such goes in complete set GRM of the 8-VALVING motor. To purchase fixture it is possible and separately. The main thing that strength marking was not more low 8,8 (these marks should be present on a bolt hat).

On «aster G» quickly enough rots through a radiator - as a rule, on the lower joint with a blower shell. In this place a lot of mud which becomes the reason of corrosion of aluminium accumulates. If in the lower bead of a shell to cut out some notches muds there will be less - its part simply will not be delayed and vysypetsja, and the part disappears at blower actuation. Any deflections in an engine thermal balance thus does not happen.
a body of “Aster F» not bleshchet corrosion resistance. The subsequent model G is more hardy, however typical cases of rotting of rear wheel arches too are noticed. Skilled recommend not to wait the first red stains, and to hadle arches an anticorrosive mixture - do not consider council banal. And necessarily instal podkrylki (the producer for some reason on the rear spared), let and stereotyped. To gain them it is separately simple.

at actuation of a washer the fluid on glasses moves with a delay: brushes have time to make a move posuhu, paternal scratch glass. The matter is that in a main there is no reverse valve. With small adaptations there will be a valve from “Vektry“ (a detail 1450650). That it was reliably held on regular hoses, mount on unions on a slice of VAZ tube of a washer, cutting off surpluses in a place. On “asters“ G and N, and also on “zafirah“ And and In not out of place to put an injector from “Insignii“. The landing sizes same, and here these injectors splash a fluid more skilfully and economically.
how the spare wheel in a niche is oriented does not arrange many: to get the instrument (a jack, ballonnyj a key, a rope for tow and other), it is necessary to take out a wheel in the beginning. Turn it, finishing a bracing eyelet: curve outside vertical laths of the P-shaped bracket (conveniently to make it a jack) then hammer blows press the upper shelf of a bracket almost to a floor. Stowing, we fix a spare wheel a regular plastic nut, screwing its underside. In a wheel tread our instrument also is stowed.

Councils in edition were sent by Olga Kalinina (at a forum - Conscience).
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