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Thoroughbred puppy

The sizes vsedorozhnika “Dajhatsu-Terios“ (firm - one of subdivisions of empire “Toyota“, machines come to Russia on informal channels) are modest not only outside, but also inside. The small breadth and a short course of a drivers seat rigidly enough limit komplektsiju the driver. Neither long legs, nor a beer tummy for a control surface are not positioned. Behind three together is frankly tightly.
the modesty of the machine is shown and in equipment - there is no automatic climatic installation, a righting system, there is no hand-operated mode at “an automatic control unit“ box-. But there are two airbags, ABS, the steering booster, a complete electropackage and the air-conditioner.
in rideable disciplines of “Terios“ not the champion, but also not the half-educated person. Strengths - quite good accelerating dynamics, an informative control surface, tenacious brakes and manoeuvrability in a combination to ease of control. Crankiness at violent manoeuvre - a comfort reverse side. The kid ignores small irregularities and with firmness resists to swinging on highway waves.
the constant all wheel drive, small overhangs, a decent road gleam, interaxle differential blocking allow to overcome a moderate country impassability of roads easily. It is not necessary to act heroically: courses of suspensions are insignificant, so threat to hang out two wheels is quite real.
about semi-annual experience of sales of “Teriosa“ already outlined a portrait of the holder: basically young ladies of more or less standard proportions. At them, as a rule, is not present either a wide experience, or special drivers ambitions. It to liking soft, appeasable character of the small, silent and comfortable car with good visibility, on which so nicely to go out of town in the days off. To the author “Terios“ reminded a thoroughbred puppy - nice, with the big charge of optimism, a quite good family tree and... The expensive. For “Daihatsu“ ask depending on equipment $27 900-28 900.
DAIHATSU TERIOS - behind toy appearance and the sizes quite multiple-purpose car for “adult“ money is discovered.