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Land Rover G4 Challenge competition is canceled

The solution it was accepted to close Land Rover G4 Challenge on purpose to centre all attention and activity to extension on the market of new goods in 2009.
«in view of a severe situation, usual because of recession in world economy, and condition of trading activity, we should make some rigid solutions meaning that we direct budgetary funds, first of all, on a conclusion of new goods on the market. We sympathise with the participants of the competitions who shown such interest to measure and have applied of so much efforts being a part of national teams.
we always undertook operative and resolute actions in interests of our business. It means that, unfortunately, in the circumstances we are forced to cancel carrying out of the scheduled competitions of Land Rover G4 Challenge», - the general director of Land Rover Fil Pophem stated.
Pophem also thanked all suppliers and the sponsors, played the major role in organisation of Land Rover G4 Challenge from the very first competitions till today.