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At Chrysler glohnut engines

The solution on a withdrawal more than 80 thousand cars was accepted a management of Chrysler Group because of complaints of clients that engines of machines periodically glohnut at starting. This defect is found at models of Jeep Wrangler and Dodge Nitro, effected in 2007. Thus, as they say in the company press release, holders of motor transport do not suffer any financial damage.
it is necessary to mark that in 2007 it already the third similar case at the American motor-car manufacturer, since March of this year. Because of frequent defects and, as consequence, withdrawals of cars the position of Chrysler whose vsedorozhniki once were almost a numeral of America, is more and more aggravated every year. Operational losses of the company increase, and sales of cars in the markets of the USA and the advanced countries are shrunk. For example, the company revenue in 2006 fell to 6 %.