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More good Qashqai

The solution on production 7-seater Qashqai looks quite logical. If admirers of hatchbacks with such enthusiasm apprehended the concept 5-seater Qashqai which offers version of a hatchback of cross-country capacity abundantly clear that admirers of minivans, and is a lot of them, too would like something similar. Actually, Qashqai+2 also is a certain hybrid of a minivan and a crossover. Than it differs from usual Qashqai?
Above, is longer

the Main difference - the car became longer and above, the roof afterpiece does not fall down any more, as on the 5-seater car. Still, after all now the space for goals of two more passengers is necessary. However, “gallery“ seats are calculated on passengers by growth not above 160 sm, it is the present childrens room. The wheelbase was increased at 135 mms, steels the lateral rear doors are wider. And it is good not only for those who should be picked up on the third row, - through a wide door and on mean seats to take seat where more conveniently. Frameworks of windows of the front doors too changed, as the roof became above. Underwent changes and a luggage compartment door: it on 224 mms became wider, at it glass is more deeply drowned, it ensures smaller loading altitude of an opening on 13 mms.

it is more convenient

But the main changes, certainly, inside. We begin that spaces over heads of passengers let and all on 16 mms, but became it is more, is hardly more spacious now to knees. Developers did not limit simple adding of two seats of the third row, they fairly worked over all afterpiece of interior. So, the back of a rear seat is shared on three parts, and mean of them easily turns to a multipurpose arm-rest. Besides, all mean number can move lengthwise, granting or additional space to passengers, or increasing volume of a luggage compartment which reaches 550 l at folded rear seats. The baggage compartment too is thought not bad over: the shutter which is usual could not be put, in Qashqai+2 it is possible to hide in special separation under a trunk floor, and from fragile things to separate remaining load a special partition.

is more fervent
From the technical point of view increased Qashqai changed slightly. The Same two petrol engines in volume of 1,6 and 2 l, two versions of a drive gear, front and complete, two types of mechanic boxs, 5 and 6-step, or variator CVT, truth, only for the 2-litre petrol version with an all wheel drive. In Europe become accessible also diesel engines.

as the car became above, is longer and, naturally, more hard, it was necessary to engineers pokoldovat with landing gear options. Characteristics of springs, dampers and stabilising skegs, adjustment of the electrobooster of a control surface changed, brakes became more high-power. What effect? So it was received that test Qashqai+2 was conducted next day after acquaintance with Murano, the article about which can be read in the same number, and passed on the same mountain roads in neighbourhoods of Geneva. After impressive and weakening Murano “mladshenky“ seemed surprisingly vigorous. To go by it on twisting mountain roads it is a pleasure: it accurately enough reacts to a control surface, all reactions stricter and exact, brakes informativnee and, despite much less high-power, than at Murano, the motor to go on it it would be desirable faster, he it allows. In a word, Qashqai+2 - the car for what children did not grow yet, that is for young and vigorous. It seemed even that it hardly is more hazardous, than usual Qashqai. Though, of course, it at all a sports car, and to please to roadability and sports character nobody prepared to endow comfort. It is simply exact car with normal dynamics, big, and the main thing, convenient internal space and good level of comfort.

with optimism

What its prospects? Nissanovtsy consider that in Europe a quarter of all Qashqai there will be just what +2. They intend to take a part of buyers, on the one hand, at VW Touran, Opel Zafira, Mazda5, and with another - at larger off-road cars, such as Mitsubishi Outlander XL. And more a little, tell nissanovtsy, at the big sedans of segment D, such as Ford Mondeo. In general, Qashqai+2 will act on a joint of several classes. Thus with itself(himself), that is with 5-seater Qashqai, it, on belief of Japanese, should not to compete. After all hatchbacks and minivans of other brands do not compete among themselves. My judgement in this case almost completely coincides with judgement of experts in marketing of Nissan: one and a half years ago we designated success 5-seater Qashqai and were not mistaken. Also it is not visible the basis why similar cannot repeat a Qashqai-minivan. Eventually, if to look on a ratio of the price and a kit of offered “services“, it looks quite competitive. Add to it that unlike a marketing delicacy of some other companies Qashqai+2 not only it is original, but also it is robust.