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Fiat Bravo, Hyundai i30, Peugeot 308, Volkswagen Golf: a dream City

The spring this year was gave the late. Two of four machines - on winter tyres, means, dynamics sensings should be put aside till the best times, relied on factory given and own sensations. On power tested copies are selected almost ideally, and here transmissions - for all tastes.
is more interesting than others there was a 6-step robot of FIAT. The first kilometres pleased: unlike other boxs of a similar construction, fiatovskaja switches transfers with not strong jerks, and delays remain within the limits of decencies. But excessive “intelligence“ and independence of a box spoil all! For example, to achieve switching on a stage above, priotpustiv the gas pedal, here does not go out: the robot persistently holds the motor on high limit of revolutions. Only after some seconds, obeying only to it to clear arguments, nevertheless tucks in desirable transfer. Quite often the patience is completed earlier, I pull the lever itself.
and here still an adventure. On one of long light signals bothered to hold a leg on a brake, translated the selector in “neutral position“. At last the green. What is: actuate transfer I can not! FIAT an inscription on the display of devices urges to press and release a brake, to try once again, and behind already a hysterics of horns. From the third attempt we like found common language. In general, a box with a secret...
On contrast with “Italian“ “Korean“ is equipped by the elementary 4-step automatic control unit without a delicacy like a hand-operated mode. After FIAT of the logician almost ideal. In a city all is excellent: very soft and almost imperceptible switchings, absence of thoughtfulness. But on a line of four transfers does not suffice: to 140 km/h the motor already presses on ears, having cranked to 4000 rpm, and profitability suffers. To justify “Hyundai“ that such speeds lie behind a limit supposed by Traffic regulations helps only.
“Peugeot“ unique in the test with the traditional mechanics which is not calling questions. Almost not calling. In the spirit of the times here there would be by the way one more stage, economic. The gear of selection of transfers - with wide courses of the lever and not the most accurate fixation - is typical for “Peugeot“ and demands the delicate circulation. Attempt to be switched in a sports way quickly meets the protest of lock units.
only “Volkswagen“ performs all wishes! Transmission DSG with two hookings and seven stages - the present break on a new technological level. Here and a low fuel rate with boost at mechanics level, both switchings are imperceptible, and delays are not present. If necessary to slow down the engine I boss underwheel lobes. The sport mode in which the box completely implements “tops“ of the motor is provided also and operatively descended on transfer more low under throttling back. The standard!
as to motors, they share on two camps. Atmospheric “Hyundais“ and “Peugeot“ do not present revelations: about identical spike of the moment on 4000 rpm and a maximum power at 6000 rpm. T-Jet FIAT and TSI “Volkswagens“ at volume of 1,4 l are capable on such that wonder. Both brands have more forced versions, but also 120-strong are magnificent! A secret in a turbosupercharging. The strongest impression - speedup from low revolutions. Similar sensations give unless 2-litre diesels or petrol atmosferniki old school. What grab, what flight!
but “Volkswagen“ with a band of the moment from 1500 to 4000 rpm nevertheless is better, than FIAT with a flow of newton-metres on 4200 revolutions.
Rvanem on mountain road? FIAT, transmitting to a control surface the rough invoice ïîëèãîícêîãî asphalt, aspires to hold a search pattern. But it is possible to it mediocre, even adjusted for seasonal prevalence of tyres. The control surface is frankly womanly and does not try to enter at all with you dialogue. He is infantily easy - what to speak about mode City in which thanks to diligence of the electrobooster krutanut a rim round an axis cannot unless the baby.
is worse that a steering is not agreed with suspensions. Despite mean smoothness of a course, the suspension it is difficult to call sports. At an input in turning movement without traction and other “delights“ at “Bravo“ it is a lot of rear axle drift. Whether it is necessary to disconnect a righting system? Tried: ESP works at times not while you wait, and here still the obstinate robot with self-supporting solutions … In general, the help from electronics you receive without a special gratitude.
with i30 the history is a bit another. The control surface though hands over the information on a turn angle of wheels, but roll are great. Early drift in the categorical form interrupts ESP: a limit, it is not necessary to go further!« Hyundai »illustrates the approach typical for some companies to roadability development. What for to be put in polishing of characteristics of a landing gear if in situations, close to extreme, easier to straighten out the car electronics? That, the reason in it is...
the surprise“Peugeot“Again gives. At foot speed“Frenchman“seems gentle enough because of small effort to a control surface and suspension loudly working on hummocks. Surprisingly, but, having accelerated properly, the machine shows the big concentration and endurance, trajectory ryskanja almost are absent. Though the effort to a control surface is less, than in i30,« three hundred eighth »is much more clear, and and on S-turn. By the test machine it is not installed ESP, however it you lead unlike more confidently, than« the Korean “and the more so“ Italian ». A side behind which“Peugeot“showers a stern, well you feel, and“to catch“the machine does not constitute special work.
But all achievements “Peugeots“ grow dim, it is necessary to put spurs to “Golf“. Last remains of uncertainty vanish in some minutes. Juicy, poured by effort with growth of speed the control surface obeys any whim of the driver, whether it be a detour of a microscopic pole or wide approach in turning movement. On provocative throttling back “Golf“ answers uniform, without a hint a hysterics with slip by all four wheels outside of turning movement which is easy for resetting, adding tractions.
brakes are magnificent also: the pedal moderately dlinnohodna also allows to dose out very precisely effort, ÀBS works softly and effectively. On the second place in braking disciplines “Peugeot“ to which nearly does not have German accuracy.« Hyundai »afflicted with a pedal low speed, and FIAT forced the driver and passengers to nod on last phase of braking action.
Be arranged more conveniently! FIAT - surprising, bright, eclectic, that is why stored. In it incompatible lines and invoices are combined absolutely, apparently. Curved, finished in racing“ugleplastikovom“spirit the panel with logo Bravo, almost racing control surface - and thus soft seats, cheap linings of doors. It is a pity, it was possible to artists much more, than to technologists. Possibly, for the same reason FIAT appeared the most tight for passengers of the second row. The interior draws in in arms, but worst of all what conveniently to take seat for the tall driver it is impossible.
If for you it is important, that in the second number three adults could go, take“Hyundai“: here there is enough place both in a length, and in breadth and procedure of landing is easier.
unlike FIAT,“Korean“looks in an European way strictly. Anything surprising - model did with such calculation. But here an ill luck: by sight i30 is more expensive, than to the touch. Only perforated skin on doors and seats pleases. The promising structure of rigid seats in practice refuses to keep the driver. A frame of the central console - from cheap plastic.
another matter “Peugeot“! Here at once you understand, who creates a fashion, and who only tries to keep up with it. The solid front panel with the chromeplated nimbuses of deflectors of ventilation at the same time makes impression of lightness. The interior is complete of a light so it seems even more spaciously, than actually. Certainly, “Frenchman“ is not innocent. For example, the control surface is installed in a bus way otlogo, to reach resetting of a declination of a back through a narrow slot between a seat and a door hardly. As regards convenience to rear passengers it a little, but nevertheless yields i30. Than spaciousness for knees, truth, over a head of any interferences here is less.
“Volkswagen“ once again forces to check in magic. How this modest enough external and internally the car is capable to be such multiple-purpose? How it was possible to charge interior unique German aroma of prosperity? How much man-hours are spent for that in a second you did not doubt any more - these ts