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The such there should be an upper bearing part of a coaming stay of a front suspension for cars VAZ 2108 … 2109.
For what in the answer this small bearing? It fixes a front suspension coaming stay in the upper point. If the bearing part is defective, the car inevitably starts to “yaw“ on road, inadequately to react to motions by a control surface, submitting distress calls constant knockings and scratches. On service of mechanics first of all opens a cowling, all attentively inspects, puts one palm on a coaming stay cup, another few times rolls the car and, most likely, “diagnosis“ will be the following: «Yes at you the block bearing knocks! How you go? It is necessary to change!» .
to Change so to change. Bearing parts now not in deficit: in stores on selection goods of producers from Russia, China and Germany, is available even the original complete set from Samara. Our task - to choose really reliable bearing part.
to testing subjected the bearing parts of four producers purchased in capital stores - on two each kinds. The item with a designation on bearing DJB managed to be identified not at once, but skilled experts assumed: China. This bearing part as the flesh from a flesh, is similar to the Russian sister with designation Russia, VBF. In what a likeness? Both are sold unpacked, at both buffer carelessly privulkanizirovan to an inner hull. Technology of pressing-in of the bearing, a kind of bolts, quality of painting - all is similar. In general, vidok, to put it mildly, not the commodity. Differences only in one: the bearing of the Chinese off-load bearing part rotates smoothly, and Russian - jams.
that germans offer? Firm Herzog bearing parts as it is necessary, are packed into a box on which firms except the name are indicated catalogue and factory numbers of a detail, and also there is a mark of conformity. On the bearing an inscription: Herzog, Germany. No doubt, at this detail and the trade dress is good, and bearings rotate smoothly.
the Samara bearing part of firm System and Technology seemed to us unusual for two reasons. First, the construction of this detail is patented (¹ 20879) - the bearing has the patent bolshy diameter. Secondly, the goods are packed soundly, on a box own article number and a mark of conformity on a place is indicated. However, on the detail the trade mark, a mark of conformity for some reason is not present … But we will not carp: at bearing part System and Technology the good trade dress, the bearing rotates smoothly, without stickings. Besides bolshy, than at usual bearing parts, diameter of the bearing promotes increase in its resource. It can be valued at service life tests, but they do not enter in our task. But all items have been put on trial on a static strength and effort vypressovki bolts (the tab. see).
So, all purchased bearing parts successfully stood testing, but the outsider nevertheless was scheduled is, unfortunately, Russia, VBF. On effort vypressovki bolts the bearing part of this producer is closer than others to limit rate, besides experts marked poor quality of the bearing. Let this parametre in an explicit form also is not included in requirements of CD VAZ, but all the same installation of such detail on the car is undesirable. For the sake of justice we mark that bearing part Russia, VBF appeared, strangely enough, the strongest. All remaining items can be used, though preference, certainly, it is necessary to return German or Samara bearing parts.