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The hot proposal on Peugeot cars

The summer reached the spike, traditional time of sales comes to an end, ahead - “the velvet season“ and a new winding of the prices. But company “Independence“ does not hurry to leave a summer heat, and declares extension of special offers on all lineup of Peugeot.
profit at purchasing of a crossover of Peugeot 4007 2008 of modelling year constitutes 350 000 roubles, and models 2009 - 270 000 roubles. Also the expedient credit program acts on car purchasing from the producer the rate on which constitutes from 0 % of the annual.
company “Independence“ also prepared the expedient proposal for corporate clients, and holders of own business. Cargo-passenger Partner Origin VU 2008 you can gain at a discount from 140 000 to 170 000 roubles, and also use the expedient credit program from 0 % of the annual. Passenger model Partner Origin VP of 2008 is accessible at a discount in 100 000 roubles on all versions, the car also participates in the credit program from the producer of the annual of 0 %. Buyers of Peugeot Boxer can spare from 150 000 to 177 000 roubles and to take the expedient credit of 0 %. Buyers of Peugeot B9 VP 2008 can spare 70 000 roubles.
commercial cars 2009 issue years also became more accessible - Peugeot Partner Teepee VP - on 50 000 roubles, Partner Teepee VU - on 90 thousand.
August brought with itself a rich crop of expedient proposals on all lineup of Peugeot! In interior of company “Independence“ you are waited by attractive prices on the majority of popular models and the interest-free credit as a bonus!
the most miniature model in a modelling number of the brand - Peugeot 107 it is possible to gain at a discount 30 000 roubles (model 2009). Peugeot 206 Sedan became more accessible on 54 500 roubles. The given proposal is spread to cars 2008 issue years, the discount is spread to models 2009 in 30 000 roubles.
on purchasing of the best seller of Peugeot 207 a hatchback of 2009 you can spare 45 000 roubles, and also use the expedient program of the producer with the rate of interest from 0 % to 12 % annual. Stylish and capacious Peugeot 308 also can be gained under the program of the interest-free credit. The economy at purchasing of models 2009 of an issue year constitutes from 62 000 to 83 000 roubles, depending on picking.
buyers of elegant and prompt Peugeot 407 are waited by profit at a rate of 80 000 roubles. The proposal is spread to cars 2008 issue years.
you can receive the supplementary information by phone: (495 790 75 00. Or in showrooms: on Krasnoholmsky quay, ä.1, p. 3 (m. Tagansky) and at autocenter “Independence of Peugeot“ in Himkah - the Leningrad highway, ä.29ŕ, p. 1.