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Hi, a tree! Rinspeed BamBoo

The Swiss company Rinspeed presents on the Geneva showroom of show penalties BamBoo with a body from a natural bamboo.

design company Rinspeed under the direction of Frank Rinderknehta is known for the scandalous projects. In a portfolio of Swisses — afloat cars Spalsh and Squba, an easy electromobile eXasis, city kid UC? And other not less original creations. Wood Bamboo also it is outlined with unusual design, but does not aspire to glance in the future, and opposite, refers us in 70th years of the last century. Looking on affable avtomobilchik, it is possible to imagine summer, a heat, carelessness, beaches to the Dignity-track, it seems even that somewhere nearby there will be fine Bridzhit Bardo in a bathing suit …

However Rinderkneht would not be itself if did not introduce in this in appearance the unpretentious nostalgic car a shred of the current technologies. As a power plant it will be used 54-kilovattnyj an electric motor working from litievo-phosphatic accumulators as a reservoir of 16 KW • ch. At rather compact clearances (the length only 3889 mms, breadth of 1620 mms) BamBoo weighs about ton that ensures to it completely not beach dynamic responses. Boost to 100 km/h takes only 4,7 with, and the top speed comes nearer to 120 km/h. However, after running of 105 km at speed of 90 km/h the car demands boost charge. It doesn matter, if it happens underway. Rinderkneht plans to stock Bamboo with the collapsible twin-wheel scooter which allows to arrive home if, of course, it is not too far.