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Video fixation system on roads Russian Federations - the best in the world

The system of video fixation developed and implemented in Russia on roads - the advanced in the world, the head of department of traffic police of the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Region the major general of militia Sergey Sergeev reported, transmits RIA Novosti news agency.
“since July, first, 2008 on the basis of the governmental order in territory of Russia the video fixation system on roads is entered. The developed and implemented system allows to ensure the solution of all standing tasks and to say that it - the most modern in the world“, - reported Sergeys on Wednesday.
as he said, considering experience of foreign colleagues and, including, their errors, the Russian system of video fixation was received better.
also the chief of traffic police situated near Moscow reported that by the autumn in area there will be a regular autonomous information centre which will receive and hadle the information from video fixation complexes.
“Now at us the temporary centre disposed in Moscow acts, but by the autumn in the city of Zvenigorode it appears and will work on the constant basis“, - marked Sergeys.
“the hardware of roads supervision system allows to shrink determination of surveyors on roads, but from physical presence we never leave“, - he told.
Sergeys added that the new engineering allows to translate militiamen in that place where they are really necessary - to regulate a traffic and to be present at the permission of road traffic accidents.
from the beginning of year by means of video fixation systems penalties for the sum more than 26 million roubles are made out.