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/ a marriage of convenience
“Choose“ Citroen “!“ Taxis with such inscription onboard appeared recently in Moscow. However, it not thoroughbred “Frenchmen“, and the machines assembled in Russia. As in edition there was a vacancy of “mistress“, we, given in on advertising, chose “Citroen“... Excuse, “Doninvest Orion-M/“> Doninvest Orion TH “. However, previously were once again tried on (ZR, 2002, ¹ 8) to thoroughbred“Frenchman“with just the same specifications and, making of the solution, were converted to the official dealer.
Well, three not three, and month was necessary to worry enough. At an order placement two pickings and four colours, and also gamma of the additional equipment offered. Chose base model of golden colour, and from options - a radio tape recorder and a signalling with the central lock. Lovely smiling, representatives of firm“ Íàéòêàð “promised to grant the machine in the best possible way through a week. The only thing, were sorry for “serost“ in a question of installation of electrical locks on sliding and the rear doors. But assured that on the arrival of a car a problem decide during the day.
only the fairy tale affects much faster, than business becomes. There passes the promised week - silence, another passes... To outcome of the third call from firm and very politely offer instead of “the domestic“ car - French for the same money. We thought and decided all the same ours to wait. Waited! Did not pass also month from the date of payment - only three days did not suffice. And - dark green instead of golden - it was necessary to reconcile to colour, as the machine came only one. On “the first appointment“ went with heaving. The car after all, judging by delivery date, exclusive!
Got acquainted with new “hozjajushkoj“, could pick up it... In a week. However, in this time on the machine put the rigorous central lock and protection of a motor bulk hold. Principle “in the morning chairs, in the evening money, but money forward...“ Worked here again: installation of the additional equipment began, only when on the bill means arrived.
we not begin to blame in all firm “Íàéòêàð“: there with clients really are very precautionary. Here it would be necessary also slow producer to scold. And in general, the buyer the final result promised to it in the stipulated term interests, instead of polite requests to wait still a week.
we WILL GET acquainted
Actually about “Citroen-berlingo“ it is already told much. However some openings all the same waited for us. So if to believe the maintenance manual, on “Doninvest“ petrol engines by a working volume 1,1 can be installed; 1,4; 1,8 l and diesel - 1,9 and 2,0 l. What it is prospect of development of model or false representation of potential buyers? Really sellers offer “Orion TH“ only with motors in volume 1361 smz in two pickings. And this with the fact that for the first half of the year 2002 it is assembled less than 500 cars. And the base machine (for 9900 c.u.) To purchase more difficultly, and richly equipped there are already 11 500 “conditional“. At such the jacking rear door with “yard keeper“ instead of raspashnoj, the steering booster, airbags, an additional noise isolation and the shutter in a luggage compartment.
From the operation beginning passed all month, but already there were questions. Why, for example, at start-up cool autumnal in the morning the engine glohnet? Were converted to specialists who undertook to maintain us under the warranty. At the same time, according to the service book, passed the first maintenance service (1500-2500 km of running). The reason has been determined in a few minutes, guilty air pressure transducer is called. But its replacement did not take place - was not in warehouse. As soon as the sensor appears, us promised to invite. While three weeks passed. We wait, in the mornings holding after start-up of the engine a gas pedal...
the Machine it is a little (2500 km) obkatali also sent on proving ground. As the car to destination, first of all, commercial, sensings effected both with the driver and one passenger, and with a total load (two plus a ballast), approximately sootvetstvushchej the maximum. Thus admissible values for a front axle of 910 kgs and rear 1050 kgs are not reached, but the fully loaded mass (1780 kgs) appears is exceeded. Such load “Doninvestu“ to drive hard enough. Accelerating dynamics drops on 30-40 %, the clearance is moderated to 110 mms, and the braking distance increases by 16-33 % (depending on quality of cover).
SUFFICES About the SAD...
“Orion TH“, in general, was pleasant. Its elements - a city. In a flow it is held, manoeuvrability suffices, pedals easy and informative. Effort to a control surface, despite lacking GURa, even at a parking not so big. On a line is worse: to “hundred“ it is accelerated easy, and here when it is necessary faster, it is necessary a gas pedal prozhimat to polika. It is necessary to type 110-120 km/h, starts to affect big parusnost: sharp gusts blow off the machine from the scheduled search pattern.
the car very democratic and moderately the comfortable. For not absolutely usual kind covers set of small and large conveniences. The driver enters (instead of gets) at a wide and high door, simply sits in a seat, as at office. The band of resettings is insignificant, but is sufficient for the driver growth from 160 to 200 it see For the city commercial car especially important: after all its driver for a working day should enter-leave time twenty through small time lapses. The high roof, a capacious luggage compartment with a wide opening and small loading altitude allow to load and transport volume load quickly. Huge glasses and good mirrors ensure the fine review.
However, here again there is a spoon of tar. At all convenience of version with raspashnymi doors of percent twenty salonnogo mirrors “does not work“: The passenger automobile going for you metres in thirty and more, “hides“ behind B-pillar and is visible only in lateral mirrors. In rainy, slushy weather the mirror becomes a ceiling ornament as glasses of the rear doors on “Doninveste“ are deprived “yard keepers“ (on “present“ “Citroens“ they are offered) and quickly become opaque. If the rear door jacking - a glass purifier is, but multiply to dip and raise “gateway“ in two m2s not so pleasantly. And closely to approach on warehouse “embrasure“ any more it will not be possible.
For passengers even large komplektsii the comfort is available. Fore and aft more than it is enough place for legs, and the body breadth is that that allows to sit normally in the second number three together.
it is a little Versions of transformation of interior, but they are quite functional. The rear seat develops both entirely, and in parts (1:2). And if it is necessary to enter back through the front door first row seats “bend down backs“ and move forward. Unfortunately, the berth is not provided: neither front, nor rear seats “are not able“ to dip a back completely. Yes, probably, it and is not obligatory for the city machine calculated, basically, on short journeys.
we try to try on. The small businessman or on VAZ “four“, or on Izhevsk “heel“, is more rare on “Gazelle“ the goods carries.“ Doninvest “polutorke, of course, not the competitor, and here, probably,“washes“first two. But how much loading is more convenient, and“to be strewed“from first days should not. Here there is a price and reliability question: whether two and a half“fours“or three“heels“, whether one Russian“Citroen“? Approximately as the question costs and in a taxi. Only there more often“volgami“measure: whether there is one almost two?
large firms, most likely, in the given niche take if not“Berlingo“, something similar. Here and the prestige factor affects: the car should be also presentable.“Summer resident“if money allows, too, probably, does not refuse to try it instead of the domestic versatile person. In last two cases usual more than seventy - the hundred thousand first host does not run - so much foreign car should sustain.
the long-term editorial test provides car estimations in actual practice operation: in summer heat, autumnal slush,