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the Saudi kings in struggle against terror

Saudi Arabia has denied MSG of the American mass-media that members of the Saudi royal family are involved in financing of acts of terrorism on September, 11th last year in the USA, the correspondent " passes; News ".

According to a MSG of Qatar TV channel " Al - Dzhezira " FBI of the USA CKs now the information that two hijackers which ran into the Pentagon building, could RCV thousand dollars from means of the Saudi royal family.

the American magazine " Njusuik " has informed that car thieves RCVed on 3 tys 500 dollars monthly through the Saudi students trained in the USA whom, in turn, these means arrived directly from the bill of princess Gajfy al - Fejsal, daughters of the late king of Saudi Arabia Fejsala and WFs of the Saudi ambassador in the USA prince Bendara Ben of the Sultan.

In this connection Adele Hubejer, the political adviser of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia Abdally has declared that the Saudi special representatives closely co-operated with FBI in " investigation of these slanderous statements when they have appeared for the first time 7 - 8 MTH ago and have not found out any proofs to it ".

Adele Hubejer has underlined that " the Saudi authorities ruthlessly pursue members of the organisation " Al - Kaida ".