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John Walker`s book " Was published in Russian; Washington. National gallery "

John Walker`s book enters Into one of the richest and simultaneously the youngest in the world of art museums " the Russian reader; Washington. National gallery ". On Monday in Moscow the presentation of the new edition has taken place.

containing 1. 135 colour reproductions and made by the honourable director of gallery, the album is interesting both mass audience, and to experts - after all not ANY1 can far C in the original " living " nowadays in Washington Titian`s creations, Grjunevalda, El Greco, Leonardo, Rubens, Van Dejka, Vermeera, Shardena, Velasquez, Constable, Goji, Manet and other masters of classical painting. In based by Andrew Mellon in 1941 a museum private collections of the USA have joined some, full of masterpieces of different epoch - beginning from the Protorenaissance in Italy X of a century B4 the French impressionism and the European modernism. In it " star " to a number there is 21 canvas from Russia, got on the West from Russia as a result of Stalin " sales ". Therefore so the publication of former Russian treasures in an album, the preface 2 " is important; the Russian version " which was written by a member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the director of the State Hermitage Michael Piotrovsky.

certainly, sold by the Soviet state varvarski, but legally " Madonna Alba " Raphael, " Venus B4 a mirror " Titian or man`s and female portraits of a brush of Rembrandt from jusupovskogo meetings cannot return to Russia any more. Nevertheless, qualitative illustrations together with competent inquiries approach these pictures to admirers perfect them " the second historical native land " has underlined in interview " News " the chairman of board of directors of the Trading house " Biblio - the Globe " Managing stand of book business of the Moscow university of the press Boris Esenkin.

Besides painting meeting, the description is included in the book other by collections of the museum storing excellent products of a sculpture, is decorative - applied art, drawing, a small plasticity. The detailed story ABT little-known in Russia " is not less important also; to the American school " - Benjamin Uesta, Gilbert Stewart, James Uistlera, Mary Kesset`s legacy and their compatriots.

the book is published by Russian book company " Biblion ".