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Skolari and the Portuguese federation of football settle financial questions

the Decision on Luis Filipi Skolari`s purpose for fast of the trainer of Portuguese national team on football will dare after settling of financial questions. It is necessary to solve only financial questions then the final decision ABT purpose of Brazilian Luis Filipi Skolari for fast of the head coach of Portuguese national team on football will be accepted, the president of the Portuguese federation of football/ PFF/ has declared Zhilbertu Madail.

As he said, at the moment alternatives of Skolari are not present. Moreover, he has told that does not C sense to remain on fast of president PFF if negotiations are broken.

though Madail has refused to name the sum of the future fee of the Brazilian, in a local press there were assumptions that it can make 1. 5 million euro for 18 MTH of WRK, plus a bonus at a rate of 500 tys euro, in a case if Portugal which will accept the forthcoming European championship in 2004, becomes its winner.

However official representatives PFF have denied these assumptions, naming them " obviously become outdated ". " Speech can go ABT very big money " - they have declared.