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Putin has praised the Russian mass-media

Vladimir Putin considers important to find balance in restrictions of WRK of mass-media during concrete time, during the concrete operations directed on rescue of people, and high-grade informing of a society on state actions, that as the president was expressed, " the state has not got a false idea itself inerrant ".

rovke, and, W another, has thanked " the Russian mass-media for the shown civic stand, for professionalism and endurance ".

According to Putin, it has familiarised with the reference of mass media to it W the request to reject accepted by the State Duma and the Federation Council some amendments 2 laws on mass-media and on fight against terrorism. As the president has noticed, he not with everything that in it is stated, agree. In particular, the head of the state has quoted such phrase from the reference: " Some actions of journalists were incorrect, but it were errors, instead of the realised actions ". " I can not agree with it, - Putin has declared. - we will not dissemble ". The president has noticed that one of TV channels some minutes prior to storm " has shown special troops movement " that " could lead to huge tragedy ". The Head of the state considers it not as an error, and " conscious ignoring of arrangements from the Ministry of Press and writs of heads of an emergency response centre which operated in strict conformity W the law on fight against terrorism ".

According to the president, it became that " to lift a channel rating, to lift its capitalisation and finally - to earn money ".

Putin has reminded the position which consists that independence of mass-media will be reached when they " become economically independent ". " But not BAM, not on blood of citizens if they/ some mass-media/ on a broader scale consider as their citizens " - the president has declared.

At the same time in circulation journalists the president considers as fair remarks the following phrase: " Acceptance of amendments will lead to elimination of mass-media from unbiased interpretation of events ".

According to the head of the state, 2 it it is necessary to listen. " it would be useful for legislators to specify and concretise " rules of behaviour of journalists in an extreme situation. Clearness in teamwork of power structures and mass-media in such situations is necessary. As Putin, " has declared; the main weapon of terrorists is not bullets, not pomegranates, it is blackmail of citizens and the state ". According to the president, the best implementer of blackmail is " to transform act of terrorism into a public show ".

" it is not necessary to help them with it " - the head of the state has underlined.

as Putin has reminded, he was converted into days of act of terrorism 2 politicians W an appeal to show restraint and responsibility. " but not less significantly price of a journalistic word " - he has noted.

the head of the state has taken away mass-media special value in struggle against ideology of terrorism. At the same time he has underlined that " any democratic power cannot exist W/ O publicity and an openness ".

the President considers that it would be useful for journalistic community to develop corporate rules of behaviour. He 2 considers that the state and mass-media should search for balance and on this way to move in parallel each other.

the president has suggested participants of a MTG to talk how it is better to organise WRK of mass-media, in particular, in extreme situations, without limiting a freedom of speech. The head of the state considers that in extreme situations there should be accurate rules - who than should be engaged.

" special services should save people, and mass-media - to inform on their activity, W/ O ukrashatelstv to SPK truth " - the president has underlined. In its opinion, at the state cannot " To arise idea that it is inerrant ".

Putin has expressed gratitude to those journalists who give to the state and the power an objective estimation. Thereby they " stimulate the power 2 more effective WRK " the president has noted. But, the president, " has repeated; ANY1 should be engaged in the business ". As he said, " if journalists start to rescue, and bodies to inform " it will lead to tragedy.

the head of the state has noticed that " in Budyonnovsk and was " and all know, " than it has come to an end ". It has reminded that in Budyonnovsk 170 persons were lost from above, and all gangsters have missed.