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the Delegation of the Russian tax police led by Michael Fradkov has arrived on a visit to Rome

On Monday under the invitation of the main command of financial guards of Italy to Rome there has arrived delegation of Federal Agency of tax police led by director FSNP of Russia Michael Fradkov.

as the correspondent " passes; News " during five-day visit the wide range of questions will be discussed. In particular, negotiations ABT prospects of cooperation FSNP of Russia and financial guards of Italy in the field of struggle against the organised crime, washing up of the incomes RCVed by a criminal way, ABT carrying out of joint police operations are planned.

MTGs of Michael Fradkov with the commander-in-chief Financial guards of Italy case general Alberto Dzinjani, the chief of a staff divisional general Nino di Paolo, the director of the Central field service of the State police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Italy Franchesko Gratteri Will take place.

On matelam, arrived from financial guards of Italy for 2000 - 2002, managements of tax police on republic Kareliya, the Oryol, Moscow, Yaroslavl areas it is raised about 10 criminal cases concerning a management of some Russian, foreign and joint ventures. Besides, operative divisions of central office, UFSNP Russia across Moscow, S - to Petersburg, Udmurtiyas, Lipetsk, Ivanovo and of some other areas are spent operatively - search actions concerning a number of persons, having financially - economic communications with the Italian firms.