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In Moscow destruction of monuments of history and culture

In Moscow " proceeds; destruction of monuments of history and culture " proceeds;. As the correspondent " passes; News " it has declared on Monday at opening in the All-Russia fund of culture of photo-exhibition " Against a breakage. New a victim " its curator Konstantin Mihajlov.

As he said, in Moscow new hostels, offices, shopping centres, but thus " QIK are under construction; ancient houses and private residences " communicate;. Since 1999, the exhibition opens already in the fourth time, Mihajlov, and " has noted; it is mournful travel across the disappearing Moscow ".

In Moscow the Kazan cathedral, Voskresensky gate, Christ the Saviour Cathedral are restored, Mihajlov, however simultaneously " has specified; There is a pulling down of tens historical buildings of the CTR of Moscow, the buildings connected with names of writers Pushkin, Ostrovsky, Suhova - Kobylina, Bazhenov`s architects, Shehtelja, Kazakova ".

In extended at an exhibition the press - release of organizers of an exhibition is noticed that " have disappeared endured reconstruction 30 - h years private residences and chambers on Kadashovsky quay and Zamoskvorechye, Passionate and Nikitsky parkways. The ownerless monuments of wooden architecture of Moscow finished to an emergency status - a summer residence of the Moscow metropolitans in Cherkizove, the house of composer Alyabyev on Novinsky parkway " were lost from fire;.

All these losses also have embodied photoWRK at an exhibition.