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Days of Republic Sakha in Moscow are devoted 370 - letiju occurrences of Yakutia in structure of the Russian state

Days of Republic Sakha/ Yakutia/ which have opened in Moscow on November, 24th, devoted commemorating 370 - letiju occurrences of Yakutia in structure of the Russian state.

zitelnoe republic art. 45 years ago, when last time there were large-scale Days of Yakutia in Russia, to Moscow have brought the first Yakut opera created on motives of the national epos of Olonho, and this time Theatre of an opera and ballets of Yakutia has shown on a scene of the Bolshoi theatre an opera " Boris Godunov ". " We live at the world`s end, but we do not feel ourselves on the brink of world process, - has told in exclusive interview to the correspondent " News " the minister of culture and spiritual development of Republic Sakha Andrej Borisov. - our Yakut literature is translated to languages of the world, our musicians, singers and theatrical figures know in many countries of the world. The drama theatre Sakha a name Aunsky acted at many international festivals. Last years are a festival in Turkey and in France. And we are very glad to it to a MTG with the spectator of the different countries, different nationalities and different cultures as I consider, what not economic, and first of all spiritual communications contribute in Gud mutual relations between people and the countries ".

" Someone will estimate us, comparing to the previous performances, and someone will open for the first time 4 itself(himself) Yakutia, - Andrey Borisov has told, - and we will come back home excited and W new ideas, hopes and plans for the further cooperation ".