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the President of Ukraine has appointed Stepan Gavrisha judge Kontitutsionnogo of court

the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko has appointed Stepan Gavrisha the judge of the Constitutional court. The decree of the president is published on Thursday.

Gavrish was the deputy of the Supreme Rada of last convocation, a member of parliamentary committee on questions toplivno - a power complex, the nuclear policy and nuclear security. It the lawyer - the jurist, the professor of National legal academy of a name of Yaroslav the Wise, the doctor of jurisprudence.

Gavrish which were the co-author of the constitutional reform, acted W its criticism. The constitutional reform on which the part of powers of the president has passed 2 parliament and the government, became the reason of the constitutional crisis in the country, he considers.

Gavrish criticised 2 the Party of Regions which leader is opponent Yushchenko of premieres - minister Victor Yanukovych.

In the end of March the future judge called the Constitutional court of Ukraine samoraspustitsja from - for strong politizirovannosti and impossibility professionally to carry out the duties.

Gavrish suggested to appoint judges the constitutional majority of votes in parliament, and the right of promotion of candidates in judge KS suggested to pass exclusively president of Ukraine.

On consideration KS of Ukraine now there is a decree of the head of the state ABT the preschedule termination of powers of the Supreme Rada.

past Tuesday the Ukrainian president the decree has dismissed from a post of the judge of Constitutional court Sjuzannu Stanik " for oath violation ". On Monday Yushchenko W the same formulation has dismissed judge Valery Pshenichnogo. In either case in decrees does not reveal, in what the infringements admitted by judges consisted.