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Putin has paid attention of Tuleyev to high death rate in Kuzbas

Vladimir Putin Aman Tuleyev has paid attention to high death rate in region, despite enough of doctors of the governor of the Kemerovo region.

At a MTG with the president on Thursday the governor has reported on a situation in an education sphere and public health services.

Positive influence on it was rendered by realisation of national projects, Tuleyev has told and recognised that is necessary also for the regional authorities to work on reduction of expenses.

" It is absolutely exact " - Putin has told.

According to the president, regular number of doctors in area on quantity of the population more than srednerossijskaja on 8 %, and death rate - above than on the average on the country.

" It SPK about quality of WRK " - the president has told.

Tuleyev has noticed that in area the population most part occupied in the mountain and chemical industry.

" And parent death rate and? " - Putin has rhetorically asked.

Tuleyev recognised this problem and has promised in two years to leave on the all-Russian indicator of death rate in region.

He has reported the president on an economic situation in region.

As he said, growth of a regional national produce has made to Kemerovo 6,7 - 6,8 %, population incomes grow.

As an example the governor has resulted 53 billion roubles of savings of the population which are stored in banks.

" Such Kuzbas for all history was not " - he has noticed.

Besides, according to the governor, for two years in area it has been bought 80 thousand cars at the population in 3 million person.

Among problems Tuleyev named shortage of 180 thousand workplaces (a rate of unemployment of 3 %).

the president has taken an interest in a situation W shabby and emergency habitation.

the Governor has noticed that if at least 3 billion from declared in the Message of the president to Federal Meeting of 100 billion roubles on shabby and emergency habitation the region will get to Kuzbas, this problem will solve for two years.

SPK about building of new habitation the head of the Kemerovo region has informed that this year the region leaves on 1 million square metres a year, but it while only 0,5 square metres on one person.

" it is not enough " - Putin has noticed.

Tuleyev has agreed, but has paid attention to growth of this indicator for two years on 50 % and has noticed: " We leave on 1 square metre on the person (an indicator of building of habitation which as a reference point has been offered by the president) in 2012 - earlier physically not in a status though capacities we will increase " - Tuleyev has told.