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the Minister of transport of the Russian Federation will spend inspection of a line of M - 4 " Don "

the Minister of transport of the Russian Federation Igor Levitin will visit on May, 4th and 5 the Rostov region 4 carrying out of inspection of a line of M - 4 " Don " have informed News in a press - service of the regional ministry of highways, transport and communication.

Levitin will examine the reconstructed sites of a highway passing on territory of the Rostov region, the interlocutor of agency has told. 2 the MTG with the governor of the Rostov region Vladimir Chubom concerning the further reconstruction of a line " is planned; Don ".

As have informed in a press - service, on territory of the Rostov region passes 342 kilometres of a highway of M - 4, from them of 137 kilometres concern the first technical category, and 205 kilometres - to the second (categories are divided on carrying capacity: the first category - more than 7 thousand cars a day, the second - from 3 thousand B4 7 thousand).

the Road does not correspond to modern requirements on indicators: flatness of a road covering - 45 %, on durability - 54 % and on coupling factor - 48 %. Only 28,7 kilometres of road have four lanes, have cited the data in a press - service.

17 kilometres of a highway for the sum of 1,877 billion roubles have been in the last two days reconstructed. In 2007 the federal budget allocates 1,896 billion roubles, on these means is planned to reconstruct almost 14 kilometres of road, to enter 4 - strip movement on the sites which are passing in Kamensk, Krasnosulinsky and October areas of the Rostov region.

on May, 1st on 533 - m highway kilometre " Don " in the Voronezh region there was a head-on collision of a passenger minibus " the Gazelle " and the lorry " Volvo ". In salon " Gazelles " there were 15 persons, 13 from them were lost, three were traumatised.

As have informed News in a press - the CTR of the Voronezh regional administration, the head of Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation will CK as well a line part " Don " passing on area territory. Besides, on Friday in Voronezh Igor Levitina`s MTG with governor of the region Vladimir Kulakovym will take place. The meeting where the status will be discussed, a course of reconstruction and the plan of upgrade of a highway of M - 4 " Is planned; Don " on a site Moscow - Voronezh.

the Highway " Don " crosses the Voronezh region from the north on the south and passes through eight areas of area. Its extent on area - 326 kilometres. A federal highway " Don " is the major motor transportation corridor providing an exit to Kuban and the North Caucasus.