Rus News Journal

Youth meeting at a diplomatic mission of Estonia in Moscow is not stopped yet

Participants of the meeting passing already the seventh day at buildings of diplomatic missions of Estonia, are not going to disperse yet in spite of the fact that the action should come to the end in 20. 00 Moscow time.

As the correspondent of News broadcasts, now in Kalashnom and Small Kislovsky lanes is about 250 active workers of movements " Ours " " Young guards " " Russia young " " New people " the Euroasian union of youth, " Local ". Active workers swing flags W symbolics of the movements.

Opposite to consulate and embassy of Estonia two camps are broken. The tourist tents warmed by wadded blankets, were stretched in two ranks on Kalashnomu to a lane. Foot and automobile movement on lanes is blocked.

Holding a meeting behave easy. They have stopped to scan, group music " is heard only; Cinema ".

Nevertheless, picketers do not let go headers. Among them red tablets W an inscription: " Stop - the NATO " " It is possible to clean a monument, but it is impossible to erase memory from our hearts " " Estonia, learn history " " Glory to the Soviet warriors - to deliverers ".

Opposite to a consulate building where picketers are heated at the fires dissolved in iron butts, sheets of paper from several hundreds thousand signatures " are visible; For dismantle of embassy of fascist Estonia ". Active workers and now collect signatures in nearby lanes. All wishing to leave the signature are obliged to specify TEL 2.

Participants of meeting do not cease to bear red carnations 2 an embassy building where there is a poster W the image of the Warrior - the deliverer in Tallinn.

the Order at embassy is provided with employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, including OMON. As they said, " Holding a meeting behave decently and within the limits of permitted ".

On approaches 2 embassy and consulate of Estonia there are frameworks - metal detectors, 2 buildings of diplomatic missions do not pass people W the weapon or in alcoholic intoxication.