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Conference on Iraq has come to the end with signing of the International contract

Participants of the international conference on Iraq, passed on Thursday in the Egyptian resort city Charm - esh - the Sheikh, have unanimously countenanced the five years` plan of stabilisation of a situation in Iraq, named the International contract of the help to Iraq.

" the Resolution on support of Iraq and its conclusion from crisis has been unanimously countenanced by all participants of conference " - the special representative of the secretary general of the United Nations across Iraq has declared Ashraf Kazi.

As he said, the document representatives of 63 states and 12 organisations which were taking part in the international forum have signed.

the International contract across Iraq represents the detailed plan of action 4 the Iraq government the next five years, which purpose - building of the uniform democratic state W strong economy and a stable situation in the region of security. It, in particular, stipulates obligations of the countries - donors on rendering assistance to Iraq in exchange for carrying out by Bagdad political and economic reforms, situation improvement in security sphere.

This initiative has been offered in July, 2006 by Bagdad and the United Nations with active support of the World bank.

addressing to final session of conference in Charm - esh - the Sheikh, the Iraq prime minister - minister Nuri al - Maliki has thanked all participants for demonstration of the international support of efforts of the Iraq government on country reconstruction, and also has once again CFMed with firm intention of the Iraq authorities to follow by the way of democratic transformations and economic reforms.