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Blair will not refuse a place in parliament - office of premieres - the minister

Office of premieres - the minister of Great Britain has denied on Thursday of a MSG that Tony Blair intends to refuse the deputy mandate after resignation from fasts of the leader of the Labour party and premieres - the minister of the United Kingdom.

" It is the incorrect information. The unique announcement which it will make next week, will concern its future as the party leader " - has declared to journalists a press - the secretary of the British prime minister.

Earlier on Thursday the British agency Press Assosiation referring to the sources has informed that having left fast of the leader of the Labour party and premieres - the minister of Great Britain, Tony Blair will refuse and the deputy mandate.

It is expected that next week, most likely, on May, 10th, Tony Blair will act in LDN W the statement concerning plans of the leaving from supervising posts in party and the government.

According to sources, next day, on May, 11th, Blair will go to the election district Sedzhfild on severo - the east of England where in Trimdonsky labour club declares addition of deputy powers.

the Given club is a symbolical place 4 Tony Blair. Here in 1994 he declared the beginning of the campaign for struggle for fast of the leader of the Labour party. It came back time and again here 4 pronouncing of important speeches, already being the party leader and the head of the government.

Conversations on, a leah remains Blair in parliament after leaving from fast of premieres - the minister, were conducted for a long time already. It was originally planned that it will release a deputy armchair before following parliamentary elections or at autumn conference of labourites in September of this year.

However as marks agency, he has already informed closest friends that intend to release a deputy armchair ASAP. Accordingly on district Sedzhfild after that should pass by-election.

While it is not known, Tony Blair to whom 54 years, after leaving from high posts on May, 6th will be executed will be engaged in what exactly. In a press versions were already put forward that it becomes the head of own international welfare fund, will be engaged in settlement of Near-Eastern crisis or becomes the councillor of directors of the large companies in the London City.

After the announcement of the leaving which will start seven-week campaign for a choice of the new leader, Tony Blair will continue to fulfil duties of premieres - the minister. He intends to represent Great Britain at large international MTGs in June - the summit " G8 " in Germany and EU summit in Bruxelles.

It is expected that it will pass reins of government to the new leader of the Labour party in the end of June of this year.