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Berezovsky has submitted to the London court the claim against VGTRK

Living in LDN and businessman Boris Berezovsky put on the wanted list in Russia has submitted on Thursday to the London court the claim against the Russian broadcasting company VGTRK. On it News were informed by Berezovsky Andrew Stevenson`s lawyer.

In the beginning of April Berezovsky declared that will have legal proceedings W entering into structure VGTRK RTR TV channel - the Planet and the program " to Conduct week " from - for plot display where the version ABT falsification of a film which ostensibly became one of the basic arguments of granting to the businessman of a refuge in Great Britain has been stated.

the Lawyer of the businessman has reminded that on April, 30th has expired prolonged at the desire of lawyers of the Russian broadcasting company term of extrajudicial settlement of a problem.

the comment of representatives VGTRK tries to RCV News.

" RTR has not brought apologies, therefore on behalf of mister Berezovsky 2DAY the claim has been submitted to High court of LDN ABT slander " - Stevenson has noted.

He 2 has specified that the Russian television " does not assert that the opinions expressed in the program corresponded to true, but insists that it should show this program anyway ".

Berezovsky in News interview expressed on April, 12th and 20 hope that VGTRK will apologise B4 it, otherwise the businessman was ready to appeal to the British system of justice.

" And if they (VGTRK) do not apologise, we will go to court, and the court will already solve, who is right, who is guilty in this history " - the businessman has informed.

Berezovsky has reminded that under the similar scheme in 2006 he has won litigation ABT slander against the Russian businessman, head the Alpha - grup Michael Friedman.

it is interesting to notice and that fact that VGTRK it was converted behind the help 2 the same London lawyer office that last year represented in Royal court of LDN Friedman`s interests.

on April, 1st this year the program " to Conduct week " has shown interview to the person who was called as Peter (under other data - its real name Vladimir Tepljuk). He has declared that the audio record W recognitions in preparation of murder of Boris Berezovsky, allowed the oligarch to avoid an extradition from Great Britain, has been forged.

As the witness confirms, Litvinenko forced it in due time to make the statement that it is the agent of FSB directed to LDN 4 attempt at Berezovsky. After refusal of this role to it have ostensibly mixed with coffee psychotropic substances and have forged an audio record W recognitions which have been given the authorities at the decision of a question on Berezovsky`s extradition.

in the Summer of 2006, almost for three MTH B4 a mysterious poisoning of Litvinenko, " Peter " it was converted 2 the Russian and British special services behind protection and has declared that him tried to poison. Now agents of Scotland Yard protect it at the desire of the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia, mark " to Conduct " as the witness is afraid that him will poison, as Litvinenko.

Eks - the employee of FSB Alexander Litvinenko running in 2000 to Great Britain, has died on November, 23rd, 2006 on 44 - m to year of life. The British physicians have found out in a body of Litvinenko a significant amount of a radioactive element polonium - 210.