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the Police suspects the Tallinn schoolboy of the organisation of FU

Estonian authorities consider as one of organizers of mass riots in Tallinn the pupil of a graduation class of a capital Paesky grammar school 18 - the summer Mark Siryka arrested on April, 27th by agents of Security police (KaPo).

this very day KaPo has detained also leaders of public organisation " Night watch " Dmitry Lintera and Maxim Revu. The Harjusky district court has given out on April, 28th Security polices the permission to taking prisoner of Siryka and leaders " Night watch ". Accusation under article " is brought to All of them; the organisation of mass riots ". Active workers of public organisations are threatened with imprisonment within 5 years.

Mark Siryk conducted active obshchestvennu activity, was a member of several youth public organizatsi, including youth movement " Ours " In Estoniii and youth organisation Siin (Here), opposing fascism and racism.

the Head of organisation Siin (Here) Igor Ivans has informed News that on Friday morning Siryk went to school on examination in social science, and directly in the street has been detained by employees. Then seven policemen have conducted a search in its apartment, having taken away W itself papers, books, photos and kompjuter Mark.

" Mark was not EVN in the street 2NITE on April, 26th when meeting against the beginning of excavation of a burial place of the Soviet warriors, dispersed by the authorities has taken place, he was at home and prepared for examination. Not clearly Y him accuse of the organisation of mass riots " - Ivanov has told.

According to Ivanov, organisation Siin has dispatched letters to foreign public organisations W the request to give support of Siryku.

As News the deputy of EuroParliament Tatyana Zhdanok earlier has informed, it is in a business course ABT arrest of Siryka, Lintera and Roars, the help in selection of the skilled lawyer watches this business and okazyaet it.

Mark remember a kind word and the Tallinn veterans of the Second World War whom it has helped to make a computer database of members of the veteran organisation. Digital vant has facilitated WRK to veterans and systematised the data ABT almost three thousand members of the veteran organisation of Tallinn.

Representatives of youth movement " Ours " spend on Friday on the Marsh area in Moscow meeting in support of the prisoner in Estonia the active worker of movement Mark Siryka. " In Estonia there was a first political prisoner - the pupil 11 - ogo a class. He/she is the active worker of movement " Ours " Mark Siryk " - the press - traffic departments is SPK in a MSG.

On the night of April, 27th under the decision of Estonian authorities from a hill of Tynismjagi the monument to the Warrior - to the deliverer has been dismantled. Defenders of the Bronze soldier have been dispersed by police which has applied tear gas, noise and light pomegranates. Hundreds people have been detained.