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Russia has urged EU to state an estimation to actions of Tallinn and Riga

. Russia within the limits of expert consultations Russia - EU under human rights in Berlin has expressed indignation of recent actions of Estonian authorities on monument carrying over to the Soviet soldiers in the CTR of Tallinn, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation is SPK in a department MSG inofrmatsii and the press.

" to Representatives of EU it has been specified that an event in Tallinn - last of links Estonia spent in last years and Latvia the policy encouraging geroizatsiju nazis and their helpers and the leader 2 revision of results of the Second World War " - it is SPK in a MSG.

As it is marked in the document, the Russian side 2 has specified that calls a regret that fact that despite our numerous references to EU structures, including, and within the limits of consultations under human rights, " Bruxelles disregards provocative and contradicting norms of morals and common sense a line of Tallinn and Riga, offending feelings not only Russians, but also all those who opposes fascism and extremism in Europe ".

" In this connection (the Russian representatives) have insistently urged the European Union to state an estimation as to actions of Estonian authorities on dispersal of demonstrations, and conformity spent by Tallinn and Riga politicians " to the general values and principles " which, in particular, the European Union persistently puts in a basis of the partnership W Russia " - it is marked in a MSG.