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Kadyrov has taken part in opening of two inhabited microdistricts in Grozny

. The president of the Chechen republic Ramzan Kadyrov was present on Friday at solemn opening of two inhabited microdistricts at Grozny - Michurinsk and Hankalsky which have been restored for three MTH.

" I test strong stirring when I open objects, sensation words not to pass, to understand, it is necessary most to have this feeling " - Kadyrov at opening ceremony of microdistricts has declared.

" When one child, this big achievement rejoices at least. 2DAY we C joyful persons of hundreds children " - he has told.

the ceremony Official part passed in the restored school 23 in settlement Shanghai.

the President has reminded that " Originally in 2000 there was a problem to stop bloodshed, it managed to be made to the first president Ahmatu Kadyrov, and to us it bequeathed to revive republic and to preserve the reached peace ".

Kadyrov has underlined that " to restore and build simply, the main thing that there was no more war ".

the Minister of building of the Chechen Republic Ahmed Gihaev has declared, acting at opening ceremony that in two microdistricts 13 apartment houses that makes 723 apartments, three schools - 16, 51 and 23 are restored, equipped 170 thousand square metres of territory, squares are broken. He has underlined that on building sites three thousand workers in three changes worked.

the Mayor of Grozny Muslim Huchiev has declared that " MTH is declared May by MTH of miracles and before its termination the set of large and vital objects " will be opened still;. " We live in the country of miracles. In one subject is not present such, EVN one house in other subjects is under construction for years, and at all of us occurs, as if by magic: squares, microdistricts, schools open for some MTH " - the mayor has noted.

Some mass-media, as he said, result figures that " kadyrovtsev " 17 thousand or 27 thousand. " they are mistaken. Kadyrovtsev - 1 million, is all Chechen people " - Huchiev has underlined.

He 2 has noticed that building - a recovery work in republic territory is spent W/ O financing from the federal CTR.

" that we do, means to build and restore, we collect on remains, it and credits up to that we sell cars, at home. And I ask you to protect that we have made " - Huchiev has told, being converted 2 the gathered.