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On art - Moscow artists will lodge in a communal flat

. Within the limits of the International fair art - Moscow curator Antonio Dzheuza does the special project " the Communal flat ". News have informed On it on Friday in a press - company service " the Expo - park " spending fair.

" This project is similar to a reality - the shows going on television. In a certain premise on May, 16th, in day of the beginning of fair, will lodge 7 known artists, and they before settling will not know, W whom they should live and create within six days. Then, by results of expert and spectator voting, from the project two artists, then two more will leave in the beginning. As a result of three remained the prize " will be awarded; - the interlocutor of agency has told.

" All services at artists are provided, so they will stay put there throughout all project. Spectators 2 them will not suppose: Instead on opened prostanstvo there will be a translation from a premise which will alternate with video ABT these artists " - have added in a press - service.

Fair art - Moscow will pass in capital from May, 16 till May, 20th in 11 - j time.

In it will take part 70 galleries specialising on the modern art. Among artists, whose WRK can be C on art - Moscow, - Hurst P.Hurst, Tony Oursler, Jasper Johns, Bring down Export and others.

" When - that on Art - Moscow there was a huge noncommercial program CUZ it is all was not bought, and now the tendency in the world is that that modern iskustvo becomes more and more favourable commercially and recognised " - have told in a press - Expo service - park.

" we differ From biennial of the modern art that there it is possible to go and look, and here - to look and buy " - the interlocutor of agency has commented.

Many actions of fair are addressed first of all to professional community: the collecting in Russia has so strengthened recently the positions that on the basis of private collections EVN private museums have started to be created.

Nevertheless, the actions opened for all comers are provided also.

Among them - the exhibition from Pierre`s collection - Christian Broshe in the Museum of Modern Art which will begin on May, 14th and will be called " the Future depends on you " and also discussion " Investments into art " which will conduct galerist from the Netherlands Bert - Arjan Millenaar, and a series of projects in the galleries located in territory of the cultural CTR " Winery ".